My AG wishlist

Hello people! It is I, the one and only hamstermaniac! I can’t find batteries for my camera at the moment and I don’t know what Skye did with the SD card so I can’t really take pictures. So I can’t do any sort of photo shoot with my dolls or anything 😦 (Oh well, it’s raining anyway, so I can’t unless you want a photo shoot entitled “Molly is soaked” or “Freezing in the rain and ruining my dolls at 7:30  in the morning when I should still be dreaming about fluffy hamsters”, my dolls will not be on this post today. Sorry people! But I will show you my AG wishlist 🙂

These photos are not mine. Credit to whoever owns them 

  1.  Lea Clark . She’s so pretty! But I highly doubt that I will get her because I don’t know where I’m going to get 100 more dollars before the year is over 😦

Image result for american girl doll lea


2. Truly me #55

Related image

3. Truly me #19

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4. Maryellen

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That’s my wishlist! I hope you enjoyed this post from me, Rae the hamstermaniac who really needs to finish this post so I can finish my schoolwork. XD XD XD

That concludes this post!


P.S What’s your doll wishlist?