Rae and Randomness Episode 3: Snow! + an argument with Pearl

Hello and welcome to episode three of the (not so) famous Rae and Randomness series! Today–

*Tries to shove Rae away from the computer but fails* I will be taking over Three Girls and Randomness. Lily has inspired me. So… Goodbye Rae, Kiki, and Skye! >:D


*Tapes Rae’s mouth* Today I will be posting about how annoying Rae is. Rae does so many annoying things like–

*Grabs Pearl and sets her back in cage*  *Peels tape off of mouth*

Like that! She’s so annoying! *Tries to escape*

Sorry about that. I guess she hasn’t been sleeping well lately XD

Anyhow, today I will show you a photo shoot of Lizzy that I took the other day when there was snow!


The snow is sadly all gone now, and there never was enough to play in, but at least there was enough for a photo shoot! 😀 Also, the chicken’s reaction to the snow was hilarious! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD They flew right over the snow to the nearest melted patch. Yes, chickens can fly! They just aren’t great flyers. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Here are some bonus chicken pictures: dscn0127

Cinnamon ❤


Unnamed Buckeye chicken


Buffy in the snow ❤ ❤


Buffy sitting near the heater


Cinnamon and the same unnamed Buckeye chicken


Cinnamon, Buffy, and yet the same Buckeye chicken


(Same as previous photo)


Yes, the same unnamed chicken that keeps appearing in the chicken photos XD XD XD


Wait a sec, that’s not a chicken! XD Annabelle jumped on the window so I decided to take a picture of her ❤

That concludes this post!


*giggle* Pearly-signoff.jpg

*Sigh* I’m going to have to talk to Pearl about this. Anyhow, happy early Hanukkah!


My AG wishlist

Hello people! It is I, the one and only hamstermaniac! I can’t find batteries for my camera at the moment and I don’t know what Skye did with the SD card so I can’t really take pictures. So I can’t do any sort of photo shoot with my dolls or anything 😦 (Oh well, it’s raining anyway, so I can’t unless you want a photo shoot entitled “Molly is soaked” or “Freezing in the rain and ruining my dolls at 7:30  in the morning when I should still be dreaming about fluffy hamsters”, my dolls will not be on this post today. Sorry people! But I will show you my AG wishlist 🙂

These photos are not mine. Credit to whoever owns them 

  1.  Lea Clark . She’s so pretty! But I highly doubt that I will get her because I don’t know where I’m going to get 100 more dollars before the year is over 😦

Image result for american girl doll lea


2. Truly me #55

Related image

3. Truly me #19

Related image

4. Maryellen

Image result for american girl maryellen

That’s my wishlist! I hope you enjoyed this post from me, Rae the hamstermaniac who really needs to finish this post so I can finish my schoolwork. XD XD XD

That concludes this post!


P.S What’s your doll wishlist?