My chickens like mac and cheese

Oh hi! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting more often (only once a decade but at least not a century right? That’s posting ten times more often!) 😆 I bet you are all tired of me mentioning chickens in my posts. Sorry. I now have a fabulous video of my chickens for you to watch. I could watch that video forever, those chickens are hilarious.

My posts are so sloppy it only takes me a decade  – err…. ten minutes to write. Hope you enjoy my horribly sloppy posts 😛 🙂 😀


P.S I may or may not have written this post as an excuse to not do schoolwork 😛

P.P.S THANKSGIVING IS TOMORROW WHAT THE HECK O_o Okay I’ll list a few things I’m thankful for:

Licorice (aka my very grumpy awesome hamster)

My chickens 😀

Sugar (the family dog)

The cats (as evil as they are)

My family

My few friends

Ice cream 😉


My computer 😛






My AJ Masterpieces!

Hey all! I’m a bit late, but here’s the post.

If you don’t play Animal Jam, then masterpieces are basically art that you can make to put in your den (house). Sadly, only members can make them. But I have some art from when I was a member, and when they let non members make masterpieces for Christmas. Plus, I have some art that I traded for! Here they are:


This masterpiece of Princess Luna was my very first masterpiece I ever got, not long after this feature came out. I love it. ❤


I believe that this is the first masterpiece I ever made. It’s also one of my best ones. I really like it.


This one might have to be my favorite masterpiece I ever made, and it has the most likes out of all the art I made.


This one is kind of… well… different, but I like how it turned out. I got an art plaque from it.


This is one of the masterpieces I wish I never made. It got a decent amount of likes, though.


This one I got from a store in somebody’s den. It’s not actually that bad.


I really don’t like this one very much… We’ll just leave it at that. 😉


I love tigers, so this is a great one for me. 🙂


This one is one of my favorites, I made it when pixel painting first came out.


Thank you, Rae, for giving me your snazzy eagle.


Ugh. Just pretend you never saw this one. :cringes:

~ ~ ~

This concludes my post! Sorry it was a little sloppy, I kind of wanted to get it out of the way, since I haven’t made a post all week.

If you play AJ, please leave a like on my art. I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 My user is dilpiklejelly, just go in my den, and you should find my art.

Which masterpiece was your favorite? Tell me in the comments!



RIP Zebra

Zebra, the chicken, passed away yesterday while we were at co-op. I went to check on the chickens that morning and she looked miserable so I brought her inside. She perked up when I offered her some grapes, she even ate a few, and then she fell asleep. She never woke up.


This was her when she was healthy.

Hope you’re having a better day than I am.


Why, Hello There!

Long time no see… I have not been posting lately (duh, that’s obvious). I haven’t been posting at all lately because, frankly, I’m lazy about posting. But I’m going to commit myself to post at least once a week. Starting December 31, I’ll start doing montly goals, like many bloggers do.

I currently have a slightly sore throat (gee, thanks bro) and I probably will not be able to go to co-op on Tuesday. I would be very sorely (no pun intended) disappointed because I was assigned to write a story, and I worked pretty hard on it. Well, I only spent a few mornings on it but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I’m not going to post it on here, because it’s very cringy and I get embarrassed sharing my work with others, if you know what I mean. I guess because I’m afraid people will think it’s dumb or something like that. I know most people would keep it to themselves, but I hate the thought of somebody even thinking it is dumb.

Well, that concludes my brief post! I hope you liked this post, and I apologize for not posting in two months, like I said before I’m very lazy about posting. Have a nice evening, morning, or afternoon, whenever or wherever you’re reading this!



The Hampsterdance is playing as I publish this 😉


How many years has it been since I last posted?

Hello people. Sorry for not posting lately, I am busy with schoolwork. I go to co-op every Tuesday (I’m going to co-op later today) and in my free time I like to play Roblox (If you don’t know what Roblox is, it’s a website with a bunch of user created games). And I have no inspiration. Yes, these are my lousy excuses for not blogging 😛 Not that anyone remembers me xD I haven’t posted for only a hundred years. Well, I gotta get ready to go to co-op so I guess that’s the end of this post. No, nothing worth posting about has happened since the last time I posted. My life is so exciting, I know. 😆

Sorry if this is sloppy I just decided you all needed to know that I’m alive 😛