Meet the Pets

Kiki’s Pets


Personality: Sweet(but not to other people), feisty, tired, licky, and, a drama queen.

Dislikes: Getting a bath, and her teeth brushed, AG dolls, blankets that aren’t fuzzy, people, dogs, when I don’t pay attention to her, and when I blow raspberries on her stomach😄

Fact: She got attacked by another dog a year ago, and almost died.

Hobbies: Sleeping, playing with Rey the Rabbit, licking my face off, sniffing the wind, sun bathing, and eating.



Fact: Carrot is just a Turtle that lives in my backyard.

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating carrots, and getting away from the people that live in the house(I’m looking at you Kiki and her family).

Rae and Skye’s Pets


Fave food(s): Minty bones!
Personality: Hyper, Sweet, Fun, Rowdy, A bit selfish, Stubborn, Loyal.
Random fact: I killed one of the chickens.
Awesome fact: I’m a great watchdog!
Hobbies: Being the center of attention! 😛 😛 😛


Sept ? 2015-Dec 29 2016

Pearl was an energetic and sweet little hamster that only bit me a few times and her favorite food was freeze dried corn. I will never forget her ❤

Fave food(s): Tuna
Personality: Sweet, Playful, Rowdy, Fun.
Random fact: I like people 🙂
Awesome fact: Annabelle is my sister!
Hobbies: Being cute, Chasing after things, Climbing trees… trying to catch birds (not the chickens though. Uhg. Chickens. Who likes them?)….

Fave food(s): Cream
Personality: mischievous, Playful, Rowdy…
Random fact: The chickens  don’t like me. Instead of Shark and me trying to get them, they try to get us! 😮 And that horrible dog chased me once.

Awesome me fact: I love climbing trees!
Hobbies: Being adorably naughty, Climbing trees, Chasing things, like kite tails!

Names: Buffy, Squeaker, Cinnamon, Chicken Pie, and Chicken Pox
Fave food(s): Anything thrown out to us.
Personality: Unintelligent, Funny, Chicken XD , sometimes mean.

Random fact: Uh… well… we decided to get revenge on da cats by trying to eat dem, cause cats like to eat birds. It didn’t work. ]:(
Hobbies: Eating, Free ranging, Laying eggs…
Sad fact: There used to be six of us, but the dog killed one of us.



27 thoughts on “Meet the Pets

  1. Lily almost died from being attacked by another dog? I know she got attacked but I didn’t know it almost killed her! Tell Lily I’m glad it didn’t kill her! Also, Carrot is hilarious! Have you seen her lately?

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