Meet the Dolls!

Kiki‘s Dolls


DSC_0568 (3)

Full name: Carolina Keira-Grace Linnae Davis
Age: 14 B-day: Jun 23
Nickname: Caro and Carley.
Fav animal: Dragons, hedgehogs, owls and rabbits.
Fav colors: Gold, silver, midnight blue, wine, and cream.
Fav food: Pastrami sandwiches and monkey bread.
Sport: Archery and Krav maga!
Cool fact: I’m obsessed with Elves!
Fav Lotr/Hobbit characters: Tauriel and Legolas.
Personality: Super loud, practical, spunky, logical, bossy, obsessive about, well, whatever her fandom is that day, creative, can be violent, a fantasy fanatic, imaginative, spoiled, outgoing, not afraid to speak her mind, and independent.
Hobbies: Shopping with my sisters, doing photo shoots, traveling, looking up fandom facts, learning elvish, threatening my sisters, causing drama, picking on Levi, and practicing Krav Maga on Levi and my sisters.
Another cool fact: I’m a celeb(along with my sisters) and my parents own the AG stores. I also can speak Spanish and Elvish! I’m not a girlie girl, but not a tomboy.
Fav Star wars character: Rey.
Fav Twilight character: Bella, of course!!!
I got Carley from my grandpa on Jan 13 2015. Carolina is pronounced like this: Caro-Leen-ah.


img_5937Full name: Meritt Lyric Ellen-Kate Davis Age:14
B-day: Aug 26
Nicknames: Mer and Mitzi.
Fav animals: Flamingoes and alligators.
Fav colors: Light green and reddish pink.
Fav food: Cheese burgers and Oreo milkshakes.
Fave Lotr/hobbit character: Gandalf.
Sport: Soccer, and Krav maga!
Personality: Prankster, ambitious, quiet but can also be really loud,
Hobbies: Sleeping, chillin’ out, trying to learn how to speak Spanish (since all her sisters can speak it fluently), pranking my sisters with Chris, listening to music, and getting muddy during soccer!
Fav Star wars character: Obi wan.
Fav Twilight character: Charlie.
Sad fact: She was taking care of my grandparents(on my Dad’s side) for a year, but her grandpa sadly died
I got Mer for my B-day in 2016 from my parents.



img_7772-1Full name: Saige Iris Lynn Davis.
Nicknames: Sai.
Age:15 B-day: Oct 12.
Fav animal: Roadrunners, horses, and mountain lions.
Fav color: Sunset orange and berry purple.
Fav food: Burritos and Churros.
Sport: Horse back riding and Krav maga.
Fave Lotr/Hobbit character: Eowyn.
Fav Twilight character: Jessica.
Personality: Bossy(since she’s the oldest), Energetic, helpful, outgoing, daring, immature, trying to fit in with society and a little girly.
Hobbies: Getting her hair, makeup and clothes done, having fun with her sisters, cooking with her boyfriend, rebelling against her parents wishes, and going out to eat with her family.
Fav Star wars character: Padme.
I got Sai for my B-day from my Grandma in 2013.       




DSC_0525 (2) Full name: Arabella Camila Laguna Davis
Nicknames: Ara.
Age: 14
B-Day: Oct 29.
Fav animals: Sloths, and parrots.
Fav colors: Yellow, green, vibrant pink, teal, and orange.
Fav food: Chicken tacos and Brazilian chocolate.
Sport: Gymnastics and Krav maga.
Personality: Shy, sensitive, sweet, gentle, friendly, mature (unlike her other sisters), girlie, thoughtful, the only “normal” one in the family, and courageous.
Hobbies: Looking at fashion/makeup magazines, Practicing gymnastics skills, sitting alone outside reading, doing her hair, and shopping with my sisters!                                  Fav Lotr/Hobbit character: Radagast the brown.
Fav Starwars character: Princess Leia and the cute little ewoks!
Cool fact: She used to live in Brazil. She’s half Brazilian half Puerto Rican.
I got Ara from my Aunt & Uncle on Oct 21 2016.


DSC_0287Full name: Chrissa Daisy Jadyn Davis.
Nicknames: Chrissy, Chris.
Age: 13
B-day: Dec 20
Fav animal: Cheetahs and just cats in general.
Fav color: Sky blue and
Pets: Praline the cat.
Fav Lotr/hobbit character: Aragon.
Fav food: Ramen noodles and Cinnamon rolls.
Sport: Tennis and swimming.
Personality: Cheerful, bratty, sensitive, determined, prankster, super annoying, spoiled, and she’s a tomboy in a mini skirt.
Hobbies: Hanging out with all of her sisters, trying to get her way, trying to get Levi to like her, wrestling, and playing nerf gun battles!
Fav Star wars character: BB-8.
Fav Twilight character: Riley.
Cool fact: I’m the cutest girl in the Davis family!
I got Chris from my parents on dec 25 2009.


Meet SkyesDolls



Middle Name: Grace

B-day: December 27, 2005

Personality: I can get a little, I mean, very grouchy when I don’t eat enough protein. But otherwise, I’m pretty nice but not very good with people.

Hobbies: I like to read, I’m a nerd!

Favorite Color: I like green 🙂

Favorite Food: Spaghetti is my favorite dinner.

Random Fact: I’m bad at cooking. Once I made a cake for Mary’s birthday and I burned it. Then we ended up buying a cake from the bakery.



Middle Name: Kate.

B-day: February 1, 2006

Personality: I’m pretty girly, and I love getting new outfits and trying them on!

Hobbies: Reading, and modeling outfits that Skye puts on me.

Favorite Color: Pink! The best color on the universe!

Favorite Food: Strawberries and cream! Mmm…

Random Fact: My real name is Maria, but no one calls me that.



Middle Name(s): Sierra Rosa.

B-day: June 19, 2004

Personality: I love dresses! I really regret that my hair is tangly It makes me so sad sometimes I cry. 😦

Hobbies: Talking on the phone with my friends, shopping for new outfits, and taking naps!

Favorite Color: Lavender!

Favorite Food: Burgers are pretty good!

Random Fact: Skye got me used, so don’t blame her for the frizzy hair!

Mini Caroline


Middle Name: Marie (Thanks Kiki! 😀 )

B-day: April 2, 2008

Personality: I’m a total tomboy! You can find me getting into mischief.

Hobbies: Scaring the girls and riding the dog, Jaguar. I also am a total couch potato at times and I some days, I watch TV all day…

Favorite Color: Red!

Favorite Food: Chocolate pie… *licks lips*


Jeremy (Thanks Madi!)


Middle Name: David (Thanks Kiki!)

B-day: May 21, 2012

Personality: I’m very adventurous, I once climbed a tree. I can get into mischief sometimes if I’m not being minded.

Hobbies: Playing tag with my sisters, eating ice cream, watching baby shows 🙂

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Birthday cake! Yum… 🙂

Random Fact: Josefina is my real sister, but the rest of my sisters are adoptive sisters.



Middle Name: Alyssa

B-day: October 7, 2006

Personality: I’m very shy and sweet around strangers, but to others I know, I can get a little crazy.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and photography.

Favorite Color: Light blue.

Favorite Food: Tomatoes.

Random Fact: The first of my sisters I met was Josefina, when I was selling lemonade for a living.

Meet Rae’s dolls



Middle Name: Allyn

Age: 13

B-day: January 13

Personality: Funny, smart, nice (well, most of the time…), animal lover, tomboy, more introverted than extroverted.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my best friend Carley, playing soccer with Samantha, and hanging out with my pets 🙂

Favorite Color(s): Olive green

Favorite Food(s): Ice cream 😛

Random Fact(s): What’s for lunch? XD

Favorite animal(s): Hamsters and cats



Middle Name: Rose

Age: 12

B-day: April 4

Personality: Energetic, crazy (sometimes), fun, half tomboy, animal lover, more extroverted than introverted. Hobbies: Playing sports, reading, and coming up with fun ideas.

Favorite Color(s): Light blue.

Favorite Food(s): Pizza

Random Fact(s): Soccer is my favorite sport 🙂

Favorite animal(s): Dogs 😀



Middle Name: Katelynn

Age: 12

B-day: May 17

Personality: Nice, helpful, shy, introverted for the most part, girly girl.

Hobbies: Reading and sewing

Favorite Color: Light pink.

Favorite Food: Cookies

Random Fact(s): Skye and Rae used share me until Skye got Josie

Favorite animal(s): Cats. Don’t be surprised if I turn out to be a crazy cat lady XD



Middle Name: Rebecca

Age: 14

B-day: January 25

Personality: Can be bossy sometimes, sensitive, extroverted, sometimes selfish, and a girly girl.

Hobbies: Shopping, looking nice, and drawing.

Favorite Color(s): Pastel colors

Favorite Food(s): Cheesecake

Random Fact(s): I am the the oldest.

Favorite animal(s): Lets see… anything that doesn’t shed, isn’t slimy, not scaly, not creepy or disgusting, doesn’t have sharp claws, or teeth, and doesn’t move. AKA stuffed animals.



Middle Name: Iris

Age: 14

B-day: March 24

Personality: Animal lover, extrovert, kind,funny, not a girly girl but not a tomboy.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my pets, reading, and enjoying the great outdoors 😀

Favorite Color(s): Purple 😆

Favorite Food(s): Fruit Salad

Random Fact(s): I want to be a veterinarian

Favorite animal(s): All of them 🙂


42 thoughts on “Meet the Dolls!

  1. Okay I edited the page again I hope I wasn’t copying you too much but I made it a little like your doll’s meet pages and I and I made some changes to some of the doll’s random facts

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  2. Arabellla is so cute! Also I feel like I’m bad at posts. Its not your fault I am just terrible at posting. Could you show me how to do better posts sometime? 🙂

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      • You’re welcome!:) Thanks 🙂
        I’m kinda new to blogging maybe that’s why my posts were kinda… eh..
        I need to do more posts about AG I just haven’t thought of anything yet :/
        I guess after you post on this blog I’ll do a post (Hopefully an interesting one 😉 )
        The reason my camo awseomness post was weird is cause it was a quick post cause i needed to post and I didn’t exactly feel like it so yeah. I need to make posts ahead of time so they are good quality and I don’t have to keep editing them
        Also, any followers and commenters who are reading this I’m sorry if I scared you away i didnt mean to!

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      • You’re welcome! I understand. If you ever want to take an off day from posting you can! I never make posts ahead of time(unless it’s a photostory). But it might work out good for you! Just think about what you say. Like will tis offend anybody, of make me look bad?
        I’m sure they’ll be understanding 🙂 You are just beginning 😉

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  3. You’re 13 and still play with dolls?!? cool. High school is close though…. =) I still have my doll it’s ok. They are suuuuuuuuuper expensive though.

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