Meet the Dolls!

Kiki‘s Dolls



Full name: Carolina Keira-Grace Linnae Davis    Age:13

B-day: Jun 23

Nickname: Carley, Caro, Luna

Fav animal: Dragons and Hedgehogs.

Fav colors: Gold, coral, mint, and charcoal gray.

Fav food: Pastrami sandwiches and monkey bread.

Sport: Cheerleading, Archery, and Krav maga!

Personality: Quiet, practical, spunky, creative, imaginative, independent, geeky, and definitely an animal lover!

Hobbies: Shopping with my BFF Molly, doing photo shoots, hosting book clubs, geeking out, playing with my sisters, and practicing my sports.

Cool fact: I’m a celeb(along with my sisters),and my parents own the AG stores. I also can speak Spanish! I’m not a girlie girl, but not a tomboy.

Fav Star wars character: Rey.

I got Carley from my grandpa on Jan 13 2015. Carolina is pronounced like this: Caro-Leen-ah.



Full name: Meritt Lyric Ellen-Kate Davis     Age:13

B-day: Aug 26

Nicknames: Merri, Mitzi

Fav animals: flamingoes, and Frogs.

Fav colors: Light green, and Reddish pink.

Fav food: Cheese burgers and Oreo milkshakes

Sport: Soccer, and Krav maga!

Personality: Shy(at first), then talkative, ambitious, and sweet. I’m also in the middle not a girlie girl not a tomboy.

Hobbies: Singing with my BFF Sammie, trying to learn how to speak Spanish(since all my sisters can speak it fluently), and getting muddy during soccer!

Fav Star wars character: Padme

Sad fact: I was taking care of my grandparents(on my Dad’s side)  for a year, but my grandpa sadly died

I got Mitzi for my B-day in 2016 from my parents.



Full name: Saige Iris Lynn Davis.

Nicknames: Sai.


B-day: Oct 12.

Fav animal:  Roadrunner, and Scorpions.

Fav color: Sunset orange, and  Berry purple.                                                                                                                                                                             Fav food: Burritos, and Churros.

Sport: Skateboarding, and Kav maga!

Personality: Bossy(since she’s the oldest), Energetic, helpful, outgoing, daring, and I do enjoy skirts, and dresses every once in awhile.

Hobbies: Painting with her BFF Mary, hiking with her sisters, and Skateboarding.

Fav Star wars character: Princess  Leia.

I got Sai for my b-day from my Grandma in 2013        



img_4019Full name: Arabella Esperanza Laguna Davis

Nicknames: Ara, Leah.


B-Day: May 15.

Fav animals: Sloths, and parrots.

Fav colors: Yellow, green, vibrant pink, and orange.

Fav food: Chicken tacos, and apple pie.

Sport: Gymnastics, and Krav maga.

Personality: Gets offend easily, friendly, I’m on the girlie side, thoughtful, and courageous.

Hobbies: Talking, showing off my gymnastics skills, doing my hair, and shopping with my new sisters!

Fav Starwars character: C3P-O

Cool fact: I used to live in Puerto Rico.

I got Ara from my Aunt & Uncle on Oct 21 2016




Full name: Chrissa Daisy Jadyn Davis.

Nicknames: Chrissy, Chris.


B-day: Dec 20

Fav animal: Cheetahs, and House cats.

Fav color: Sky blue.

Pets: Praline the cat.

Fav food: Ramen noodles and Cinnamon rolls.

Sport: Tennis, and Krav maga!

Personality: Cheerful, Bratty(since she’s the youngest), sensitive, determined, and I am like Carley not a tomboy, and not a girlie girl(unless Mitzi lets me borrow this cute dress she owns).

Hobbies: Hanging out with all of my sisters!

Fav Star wars character: BB-8.

Cool fact: I do ballet with my sis Kam.

I got Chrissy from my parents on dec 25 2009



Full name: Kamille-Rose Torah Davis.

Nicknames: Kam, Mia, Kami-Ro.


B-day: Apr9

Fav animals: Wolves, and Chameleons.

Fav colors: Indigo and, Dark pink.

Sport: Ballet! Hello! There’s pink!

Personality: Caring, Kind, a little self focused, and a total Girlie girl!

Fav food: pasta salad and blueberry  muffins

Hobbies: Shopping for Clothes, Makeup, shoes, etc with my sisters(even though some of them aren’t interested in it).

Fav Star wars character: Chewie

Cool fact: I’m only girl in the family that wears make up! I also do ballet.

I bought Kam with my own money in April 2014

Meet Skyes Dolls



Middle Name: Grace

B-day: December 27, 2005

Personality: I can get a little, I mean, very grouchy when I don’t eat enough protein. But otherwise, I’m pretty nice but not very good with people.

Hobbies: I like to read, I’m a nerd!

Favorite Color: I like green 🙂

Favorite Food: Spaghetti is my favorite dinner.

Random Fact: I’m bad at cooking. Once I made a cake for Mary’s birthday and I burned it. Then we ended up buying a cake from the bakery.



Middle Name: Kate.

B-day: February 1, 2006

Personality: I’m pretty girly, and I love getting new outfits and trying them on!

Hobbies: Reading, and modeling outfits that Skye puts on me.

Favorite Color: Pink! The best color on the universe!

Favorite Food: Strawberries and cream! Mmm…

Random Fact: My real name is Maria, but no one calls me that.



Middle Name(s): Sierra Rosa.

B-day: June 19, 2004

Personality: I love dresses! I really regret that my hair is tangly It makes me so sad sometimes I cry. 😦

Hobbies: Talking on the phone with my friends, shopping for new outfits, and taking naps!

Favorite Color: Lavender!

Favorite Food: Burgers are pretty good!

Random Fact: Skye got me used, so don’t blame her for the frizzy hair!

Mini Caroline


Middle Name: Marie (Thanks Kiki! 😀 )

B-day: April 2, 2008

Personality: I’m a total tomboy! You can find me getting into mischief.

Hobbies: Scaring the girls and riding the dog, Jaguar. I also am a total couch potato at times and I some days, I watch TV all day…

Favorite Color: Red!

Favorite Food: Chocolate pie… *licks lips*


Jeremy (Thanks Madi!)


Middle Name: David (Thanks Kiki!)

B-day: May 21, 2012

Personality: I’m very adventurous, I once climbed a tree. I can get into mischief sometimes if I’m not being minded.

Hobbies: Playing tag with my sisters, eating ice cream, watching baby shows 🙂

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Birthday cake! Yum… 🙂

Random Fact: Josefina is my real sister, but the rest of my sisters are adoptive sisters.



Middle Name: Alyssa

B-day: October 7, 2006

Personality: I’m very shy and sweet around strangers, but to others I know, I can get a little crazy.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and photography.

Favorite Color: Light blue.

Favorite Food: Tomatoes.

Random Fact: The first of my sisters I met was Josefina, when I was selling lemonade for a living.

Meet Rae’s dolls



Middle Name: Allyn

Age: 13

B-day: January 13

Personality: Funny, smart, nice (well, most of the time…), animal lover, tomboy, more introverted than extroverted.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my best friend Carley, playing soccer with Samantha, and hanging out with my pets 🙂

Favorite Color(s): Olive green

Favorite Food(s): Ice cream 😛

Random Fact(s): What’s for lunch? XD

Favorite animal(s): Hamsters and cats



Middle Name: Rose

Age: 12

B-day: April 4

Personality: Energetic, crazy (sometimes), fun, half tomboy, animal lover, more extroverted than introverted. Hobbies: Playing sports, reading, and coming up with fun ideas.

Favorite Color(s): Light blue.

Favorite Food(s): Pizza

Random Fact(s): Soccer is my favorite sport 🙂

Favorite animal(s): Dogs 😀



Middle Name: Katelynn

Age: 12

B-day: May 17

Personality: Nice, helpful, shy, introverted for the most part, girly girl.

Hobbies: Reading and sewing

Favorite Color: Light pink.

Favorite Food: Cookies

Random Fact(s): Skye and Rae used share me until Skye got Josie

Favorite animal(s): Cats. Don’t be surprised if I turn out to be a crazy cat lady XD



Middle Name: Rebecca

Age: 14

B-day: January 25

Personality: Can be bossy sometimes, sensitive, extroverted, sometimes selfish, and a girly girl.

Hobbies: Shopping, looking nice, and drawing.

Favorite Color(s): Pastel colors

Favorite Food(s): Cheesecake

Random Fact(s): I am the the oldest.

Favorite animal(s): Lets see… anything that doesn’t shed, isn’t slimy, not scaly, not creepy or disgusting, doesn’t have sharp claws, or teeth, and doesn’t move. AKA stuffed animals.



Middle Name: Iris

Age: 14

B-day: March 24

Personality: Animal lover, extrovert, kind,funny, not a girly girl but not a tomboy.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my pets, reading, and enjoying the great outdoors 😀

Favorite Color(s): Purple 😆

Favorite Food(s): Fruit Salad

Random Fact(s): I want to be a veterinarian

Favorite animal(s): All of them 🙂


41 thoughts on “Meet the Dolls!

  1. Okay I edited the page again I hope I wasn’t copying you too much but I made it a little like your doll’s meet pages and I and I made some changes to some of the doll’s random facts

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  2. Arabellla is so cute! Also I feel like I’m bad at posts. Its not your fault I am just terrible at posting. Could you show me how to do better posts sometime? 🙂

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      • You’re welcome!:) Thanks 🙂
        I’m kinda new to blogging maybe that’s why my posts were kinda… eh..
        I need to do more posts about AG I just haven’t thought of anything yet :/
        I guess after you post on this blog I’ll do a post (Hopefully an interesting one 😉 )
        The reason my camo awseomness post was weird is cause it was a quick post cause i needed to post and I didn’t exactly feel like it so yeah. I need to make posts ahead of time so they are good quality and I don’t have to keep editing them
        Also, any followers and commenters who are reading this I’m sorry if I scared you away i didnt mean to!

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      • You’re welcome! I understand. If you ever want to take an off day from posting you can! I never make posts ahead of time(unless it’s a photostory). But it might work out good for you! Just think about what you say. Like will tis offend anybody, of make me look bad?
        I’m sure they’ll be understanding 🙂 You are just beginning 😉

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  3. You’re 13 and still play with dolls?!? cool. High school is close though…. =) I still have my doll it’s ok. They are suuuuuuuuuper expensive though.

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