When I went to Rae & Skye’s house…

Greetings! It’s Kiki! Well, if you’ve read Rae’s last post or are a frequent visitor of my blog, you should know that I went to Rae and Skye’s house! I haven’t seen them in like two years so I was pretty excited! When we got to their area we ate at a burger place and had frozen custard for dessert. Then we drove to their house and had fun! 

First, they showed me the chickens🙂 

Then shark…😄 

Yes, I am badly allergic to cats 😜 

Next, we went to Rae’s room(Rae, you should seriously do a room tour!) Her little hamster, Lic, showed me her climbing skills! 

She’s sooo cute!😍 

Then we played Apples to Apples with them and their siblings😉

And Ping pong! I turned out to be pretty good at it😎 

I took some doll selfies with Sara, Caro, and Molly🙃

Then we had to go😕 I had a really nice time; probably the best day out of my whole trip! 

Thanks for having me over your house Rae and Skye! And I hope everyone enjoyed this post!


Fireflies by Kiki

Good evening, Guys! Kiki here. I go to a home-school book club at my library once a month. Well, we decided in April that in May we were going to bring in our favorite poet and their poem and then we have the option of writing one ourselves. Well, of course I was like: I’m going to write something!

I wasn’t serious at first because I had a month to complete it but next Monday is when it is so I was wracking my brain last night and I had nothing. I call it Poets block. Ever had it? It’s terrible.

Early today I got the idea of fireflies and went with it. I started think of rhymes and stanzas and here’s what I came up with 🙂 Enjoy!

pexels-photo-52907 lights

When Darkness falls over the skies-                                                

 It’s just a matter of time-              

Till the earth becomes relit-        

By the curious fireflies-


I run, jump, and leap with all my might-                                                 

 To try to catch the precious light-

In my hands I stare in Awe-      

How can they be this small?-


I wish the night could go on forever-                                                

Or the summer could never be gone-                                                

 But time is to clever-              

Before you know it its dawn-


Thank you for reading! Comment down below how you like it and if you like to write poetry too!

‘Till next time,

3 girls

Ps: How do you like my new Sign-off?

Two Truths and a Lie!

Hallo, Guys! It’s Kiki! Today, we’re going to play a game called 2 Truths & a Lie. I’m going to give you three statements about my life in each one of the five paragraphs and you have to guess which one is Lie in the comments. Then in my next post I’ll tell who got them all right. Easy, right? Let’s get on to the game!
1. I live far away from the movie theaters. I’ve been to Disney world. I used to have Kit’s best friend Ruthie.
2. I’ve never have been to the Grand Canyon. When I was 8 I wanted to be a hair dresser. I don’t live in California.
3. I eat paper. I used to go to a school that mainly taught about insects and animals. I like chipotle flavored food.
4. I’m saving up for a camera. I have a mole on my nose. I was born in republican state.
5. My step-cousin almost got bit by a rattlesnake once. I like llamas. My favorite fruit is Grapfruit.
Tell me in the comments below which one I’m lying about and in my next post I’ll reveal the person who got them all right or most of them!

Ps: Have fun!😈 😂

Moving on-A Photo shoot.

Yo, peeps! Kiki here! Yesterday, My family and I moved to our new house which was 4 hours away from the one we moved out of. Anyway, the day before yesterday I took some pictures of Chrissa with the moving truck. So, here they are! 

I hope you Guys enjoyed! Which one was your favorite?  I’ll see you next week! 

Good Bye Fall!- Photo-shoot

Yo, Guys! Kiki is here! Before I start I’m going to have to take at least a week break from this blog😞 Next week I move so I won’t be able to post. Also today is my Mom’s birthday!🎉 Let’s wish her a great day! Now, that I’ve updated you lets get on to the photo shoot! 

Bye bye Autumn! I wil miss you! But I’m very ready for winter & Rouge one!😍 Which photo was your favorite? I liked 2 and 7! Also, who’s excited to see Rouge one!?! Meeeee!!!!!

Half up Heart-Loop

Hey Guys! Kiki here! How was your guy’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fine. Anyway, today I’m going to show you how to do this adorable hairstyle! Let’s get started!

What you are going to need: A Doll, a brush, and 2 hair ties.

img_4445-2Get two sections of hair in the front, and tie them off together with an hair tie.

img_4449Next, get two more sections near her ear.

img_4448And wrap it around. Repeat on the other side.

img_4447Now, you have the top of your heart.

img_4446Bring the sections together and tie if off with a ponytail holder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hairstyle. Tell me in the comments below if you love this style, and want to try it!

image Ps: I’m going to be moving next month.


Puppy & Leaves-Photoshoot + inspiration quotes!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! Two days ago I did a photoshoot of my dog Lily! I haven’t taken one with her in a long time. These photos scream fall and cuteness! I also edited some of the photos, and made inspiration quotes! I hope you enjoy!

img_4157img_4153img_4156AWWWW!! Her eyes! The leaf on her head! It’s just to much!


img_4158Look at that face! And I ❤ how the leaves are falling!

img_4160This is the end ;(  Which one was your personal favorite? I liked 1. 3. 6. 7 Now we are onto inspirational quotes!

img_4162                                                Ugh. It came out small, and blurry. Sorry, Guys. But the quote is so true!

img_4152Weird this one is big, and clear! I ❤ the quote with the cloud!

img_4166Ok it’s a tie! But I love this one a tad bit more! Which one is your favorite? I hope you liked looking at a cut pup with leaves, and read/looking at the quotes! Until next time!

Your nature/animal/autumn lover ………………………………………………………………..