When I went to Rae & Skye’s house…

Greetings! It’s Kiki! Well, if you’ve read Rae’s last post or are a frequent visitor of my blog, you should know that I went to Rae and Skye’s house! I haven’t seen them in like two years so I was pretty excited! When we got to their area we ate at a burger place and had frozen custard for dessert. Then we drove to their house and had fun! 

First, they showed me the chickens🙂 

Then shark…😄 

Yes, I am badly allergic to cats 😜 

Next, we went to Rae’s room(Rae, you should seriously do a room tour!) Her little hamster, Lic, showed me her climbing skills! 

She’s sooo cute!😍 

Then we played Apples to Apples with them and their siblings😉

And Ping pong! I turned out to be pretty good at it😎 

I took some doll selfies with Sara, Caro, and Molly🙃

Then we had to go😕 I had a really nice time; probably the best day out of my whole trip! 

Thanks for having me over your house Rae and Skye! And I hope everyone enjoyed this post!


Name that Doll Pt. 2

Hey guys! I went through all those names (boy, there sure was a lot!) and I chose my five favorites. Here they are:


Kiki: Ella (this is actually what I would name her if I got her!)
Abby: Sarah
Abby: Angel
Kayla: Aliyah
Heshouldvebeenthere: Skye

Congratulations on getting your names chosen, guys!

Now your going to vote for your favorite name, and whichever name gets the most votes will win!

I would suggest that you start voting! 😀


P.S: Whoa, almost 70 followers! Thanks everyone!

The random post of my life

Hello, followers, viewers, and friends! This be your hamster obsessed blogger Rae. A lot of stuff happened since the last time I posted so… therefore a random post is created. XD

(Let’s hope I remember everything that happened, I have a tendency to forget things XD )


  1. We got a new chicken! (I think we got her in late February or early March) She is a barred rock hen and her pattern looks like zebra stripes. Therefore, her name is Zebra 😀 DSCN9253.JPG
  2. Shark and Annabelle’s birthday just passed! I’m pretty sure their birthday is April 2nd. They are a year old now, but they still act like kittens 😀 DSCN9273.JPG
  3. My cousins visited last month! They actually didn’t come to visit, they were coming because they were going to a wedding, but we got to see them and we had fun 🙂 And played Geometry dash. Lots and lots of geometry dash XD
  4. I got an animal jam membership! My aunt and uncle bought it as a late birthday present for me. And for Skye. And for my brother 😀 It’s pretty cool, since now I can do everything 😆 Here is my wolf’s current look:          AJFASHION
  5. I’m redoing my bedroom! XD Goodbye, pink walls XD XD
  6.  I destroyed my tablet O.o (I have two tablets an old one and a newer one. I destroyed the newer one on accident by dropping it on the floor. The screen broke and now it won’t work)
  7. It’s almost Passover!

That’s about it, except for the fact that Licorice got a new toy log to chew on because she keeps chewing on the cage bars 😡 (she still does, it’s really annoying XD )

That concludes this post…


Name that Doll! :)

Hello! So sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. The reason is because my mom doesn’t want me on electronics all the time, so now we are only allowed to use them for an hour each day. We do our chores to earn “coupons”, which are just printed pieces of paper that give us the right to have 10 minutes of tablet time each coupon. But of course, we still have to ask to use coupons, too. On some occasions, my mom will not make us use our coupons and we can use our electronics for longer than an hour, but that’s only occasionally. I should have done my post the last time that happened, but I didn’t. 😐 Sorry.
So, that’s why I haven’t been posting lately. I only have a limited time.
I’ve been wanting to do a Name that Doll, like, ever since I started blogging. I never did one because I thought it was kind of early to do one, but I guess it’s never to early to do one of those 🙂

(This is not my picture. Credit to the AG website.)
Number 49! (My fav TM doll 🙂 )
So, here’s what you have to do. Just type the names you think suit her in the comment box, and I will choose five of my favorites in either my next post or the post after that.

Have fun, and may the best names win! 🙂
Yeah, decided to go back to the old signoff.

One Lovely Blogger Award!

Yo guys! I’m back! 🙂 I’m happy to be posting again! This post might be a bit sloppy because I don’t have a lot of computer time left. :\ Kiki from Kiki Through the Looking-Glass nominated me (a loooong time ago)! Thank you!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog. Done!
  2. Post about the award. Working on it!
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate at most 15 people.
  5. Tell your nominees the good news!


OK, here goes.

The Facts!

  1. I play Animal Jam (yeah obvious).
  2. I’m homeschooled!
  3. I do not like bananas.
  4. My current favorite meal is burgers.
  5. I am going to redo my bedroom sometime soon.
  6. My favorite  TV show is Little House on the Prairie!
  7. I would not be able to survive without books!


OK, the nominees…

Anybody who had waffles or pancakes for breakfast (or dinner) this week!

I’m not going to be very active, because I have a limit of an hour of computer time a day now. I’d like to explain everything, but I don’t have time, so I’ll explain next time!





I’m back!

Hey people! Guess who’s back? Me! :mrgreen: Sorry for not posting in so long, I’m only allowed in electronics on Tuesdays recently. You’ll probably only see a post from me every two weeks for awhile unfortunately 😐  So now you know I didn’t die 😆 XD

I don’t have much to post about so I’ll show you some pictures everyone’s  my favorite hamster…. Licorice! I apologise for the bad photo quality, these were taken with my tablet.

Never mind how dirty the wheel is Licorice uses the bathroom on it:o

That concludes this post!