The Blue Sky Tag

I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks. Oops.

‘Ello, my dear readers! Kiki nominated me for the Blue Sky Tag. Thanks, Kiki! Here we go!


1. thank the person who nominated you.

2. answer their 11 questions.

3. tag 11 new people (I’m not so good with these rules…)

4. give them 11 more questions to answer.



1. who was your first doll that you got? (doesn’t have to be AG)

Well, that would depend if upon if you meant 18 inch dolls or not. But I’m just sticking with 18 inch. 😉 My very first 18 inch (oh boy I’ve already said that 3 times) was an Our Generation doll named Charlotte. I got her when I was six years old. So now, she has very horrible hair, and we had to cut some of it off.

2. what’s your favorite American Girl doll?

That’s a pretty hard one, but I like Kanani, Lea Clark, Nanea, Truly Me 61, among others.

3. if you could design anything for American Girl, what would it be?

I never really thought of that. But making a GOTY would be a lot of fun! If I couldn’t do that, then I would design an outfit.

4. how did you learn about American Girl?

From the catalogue. I had one of the 2012 ones, and I would read it and look at it almost every day. Then we signed up for them and got them every month (I thought it meant a free doll XD). AG turned into an obsession for me. When I got a tablet, I went on the website in a lot of my spare time. Then in spring of 2014, I got my first AG doll, Sara. Then I got my second AG in February 2015. My third doll, Josefina, (who I might sell) we bought used in June 2016. I haven’t gotten another since.

5. what’s your favorite AG pet?

Pepper was always my favorite. But I never got a chance to buy him, I remember the day they updated AG pets. I was a little disappointed. 😦 Like really, why did they have to discontinue him?!?

6. what’s your favorite item that AG sells?

I.dont.know. A lot of them are pretty cool.

7. what 18 inch doll brand do you like to buy from?

I don’t like buying from AG, because of their high prices. Otherwise, I’d probably have at least 10 AG dolls. But the one we’ve bought from the most is Our Generation, and it’s not a bad brand.

8. who’s your favorite AGtuber?

I don’t watch much AGtube, but one of my favorites is agoverseasfan, who has almost 1 million subscribers.

9. who’s your favorite BeForever character?

Kaya, Rebecca, Nanea, and Caroline (she’s discontinued tho 😦 ).

10. what’s your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

Take pictures of them, and do their hair and outfits!

11. what’s your favorite kind of doll related post?

I like photostories most of all.

I nominate..

Anyone who loves Chick-fil-A. 😉

My Questions:

1. Have you read the entire Chronicles of Narnia? (I have 😉 )

2. Do you know another language?

3. How many pets do you have?

4. Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

5. Windows or Mac?

 6. What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

7. Do you play Animal Jam? (I bet you don’t XD)

8. What is your favorite kind of soda?

9. What is the last gift you have received, and who was it from?

10. What is your least favorite subject in school?

11. Do you really love Chick-Fil-A? 😉


I hope you enjoyed reading this. 😀












Winter Morning: An AG Photoshoot

These pictures were actually taken in the afternoon, but I gotta have a good title. XD





❤ ❤ ❤






Aw, isn’t Chocolate Chip so cute?


It snowed a couple days ago, and the first thing I think is, “You need to take pictures of one of your dolls!” I get out at 10:00 a.m to take pictures, but then I find that my cousin came over. Meh, I’ll do them later.

I don’t do it all day, and I think of doing it the next day, but my camera won’t cooperate and the battery keeps dying. Finally, today, I got myself outside, in 5 degrees Fahrenheit, with no gloves, to take these pictures. You’d better be grateful. 😉

Well, thank you for looking at these poorly edited beautiful pictures of Sara and Chocolate Chip! As always, which one was your favorite out of all of them? Tell me in the comments!


~ Autumn is Fading: An AG Photoshoot ~

Hello all! Today, I remembered that I haven’t made an AG post in foreverrrr. In fact, when was the last time I made one? *checks* In August! So yeah, enjoy the post! 🙂115










This one is my fave. ❤




I thought this on was pretty cool so I ended up throwing it it. 😉












Mary fell over while I was trying to get a picture. ;P


This one made my brother laugh. XD Just look at it though…

Well, that’s all the pictures I have for today! If her hair looked bad, it’s because I couldn’t find the brush. 😦

The question is, which picture was your favorite (besides the bloopers)? Tell me in the comments!



I’m Redoing my Room!

Hi there! Yep, you read it right, I’m redoing my room!

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I got a new bedset in February, and we were going to paint my walls. But we never got around to it. Then, a couple weeks ago, my mom painted my room! I was very happy. Then we painted my bed, and some of my other furniture. All that’s left to paint is the desk. 😀 I’m not saying what my room looks like, because sometime in January 2018, I’m going to do a room tour! I don’t know for sure when we’ll be done, so I’m not giving a specific date. 😛

That’s all I have for tonight. If you want to a room tour, then please leave a like on the post. Every like and kind comment is appreciated. 🙂



My birthday is in a few weeks. Sorry, I just felt like saying that. 😉


My AJ Masterpieces!

Hey all! I’m a bit late, but here’s the post.

If you don’t play Animal Jam, then masterpieces are basically art that you can make to put in your den (house). Sadly, only members can make them. But I have some art from when I was a member, and when they let non members make masterpieces for Christmas. Plus, I have some art that I traded for! Here they are:


This masterpiece of Princess Luna was my very first masterpiece I ever got, not long after this feature came out. I love it. ❤


I believe that this is the first masterpiece I ever made. It’s also one of my best ones. I really like it.


This one might have to be my favorite masterpiece I ever made, and it has the most likes out of all the art I made.


This one is kind of… well… different, but I like how it turned out. I got an art plaque from it.


This is one of the masterpieces I wish I never made. It got a decent amount of likes, though.


This one I got from a store in somebody’s den. It’s not actually that bad.


I really don’t like this one very much… We’ll just leave it at that. 😉


I love tigers, so this is a great one for me. 🙂


This one is one of my favorites, I made it when pixel painting first came out.


Thank you, Rae, for giving me your snazzy eagle.


Ugh. Just pretend you never saw this one. :cringes:

~ ~ ~

This concludes my post! Sorry it was a little sloppy, I kind of wanted to get it out of the way, since I haven’t made a post all week.

If you play AJ, please leave a like on my art. I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 My user is dilpiklejelly, just go in my den, and you should find my art.

Which masterpiece was your favorite? Tell me in the comments!



Why, Hello There!

Long time no see… I have not been posting lately (duh, that’s obvious). I haven’t been posting at all lately because, frankly, I’m lazy about posting. But I’m going to commit myself to post at least once a week. Starting December 31, I’ll start doing montly goals, like many bloggers do.

I currently have a slightly sore throat (gee, thanks bro) and I probably will not be able to go to co-op on Tuesday. I would be very sorely (no pun intended) disappointed because I was assigned to write a story, and I worked pretty hard on it. Well, I only spent a few mornings on it but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I’m not going to post it on here, because it’s very cringy and I get embarrassed sharing my work with others, if you know what I mean. I guess because I’m afraid people will think it’s dumb or something like that. I know most people would keep it to themselves, but I hate the thought of somebody even thinking it is dumb.

Well, that concludes my brief post! I hope you liked this post, and I apologize for not posting in two months, like I said before I’m very lazy about posting. Have a nice evening, morning, or afternoon, whenever or wherever you’re reading this!



The Hampsterdance is playing as I publish this 😉


Um… Hi?

Um, hello my dear readers. Wow, I’m such a bad blogger for not posting in how long? *checks to see how long* APRIL?!? Gosh, I’m sorry! I mean not that anybody reads this anymore, because I guess they thought we quit XD. I haven’t quit, but I’ve been kind of busy and I don’t know what to post. I sort of …lost…my…camera…so I can’t do any photoshoots DX. I did go camping this week so soon (I’m not promising anything!) I might make a post on what we did. I did also get a few pictures on my mom’s phone so I’ll find a way to upload them to my computer.

I guess I should post something interesting…? I mean, now that I’m on…?

Ok, currently it’s 9:03 a.m, and rain is pouring out from the sky. I’m still in my pajamas, and I probably won’t end up getting into my real clothes until later in the morning. Most of my family is still asleep, I believe. I haven’t been upstairs since last night so I wouldn’t know for sure. My room is cluttered. A doll dress is laying next to my foot. A Simon SWIPE is in the direction of my knee. My bed needs to be made. I need to brush my teeth. I really need to completely take down my fort.

I’m going to a birthday party for somebody’s 9th birthday this evening. I’m going because my brother was invited and then me and my other siblings kind of have to go also. Well, there’s going to be pizza, so how could I pass that up?

My cousins and their family are also coming to live here very soon! They say they’ll be here on August 1st. I’m really excited because I haven’t seen my cousins for a long time (is a long time a few months?). They’ll live right down the street so when we want to visit them we can go by foot in 2 minutes. By car, about 15 seconds (probably less). I’ll probably make a post about them coming also.

Ok, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed my post! you probably didn’t because writing isn’t really my thing



P.S: It’s 9:23 now 😉