~ Autumn is Fading: An AG Photoshoot ~

Hello all! Today, I remembered that I haven’t made an AG post in foreverrrr. In fact, when was the last time I made one? *checks* In August! So yeah, enjoy the post! 🙂115










This one is my fave. ❤




I thought this on was pretty cool so I ended up throwing it it. 😉












Mary fell over while I was trying to get a picture. ;P


This one made my brother laugh. XD Just look at it though…

Well, that’s all the pictures I have for today! If her hair looked bad, it’s because I couldn’t find the brush. 😦

The question is, which picture was your favorite (besides the bloopers)? Tell me in the comments!




Mary’s Camping Trip

The damp ground squished in my feet when I stepped. Today was a normal Friday evening, and I was going on a camping trip. I carried in my arm a sleeping bag, or as some people would call it, a bedroll.

Mary's Camping Trip1.png
My red hair blew in the soft breeze as I walked. My riders’ helmet helped keep my head warm. I had brought the riders’ helmet because frankly, I thought it looked cute.
I settled down in a slightly damp patch of ground. It was the driest campsite I could find! I unrolled my bedroll.

Mary's Camping Trip3.png
I shivered. The air was getting pretty chilly; it was nearing dusk. Suddenly, my stomach growled. I reached into my pockets for some food. There was none. I groaned. I hadn’t thought about bringing food before! I couldn’t go home, it was getting too late for that.
I decided to search for some dinner, at least enough to tide me over until tomorrow morning.

Mary's Camping Trip2.png
I searched far and wide, but I couldn’t find anything that looked edible. If only there were a few grasshoppers around that I could eat! But it was mid-winter, and besides, grasshoppers didn’t sound very filling or appetizing.
I made my way towards my mini camp. It was getting colder by the minute. I thought of building a fire, but I had never built a fire before so therefore, I didn’t know how, and plus, it had rained the day before, so all the sticks were wet. I guess I would just have to bear the cold.

Mary's Camping Trip4.png
I slipped into my sleeping bag, which wasn’t very warm, and took my riders’ helmet off. I laid uncomfortably in my sleeping bag. I wished I had brought a pillow, but it was too late to go home now.
I yawned. I was very sleepy. I closed my eyes, letting my brain wander. I need pizza, my warm bed a few miles away, I miss Jaguar, I can’t wait to blog with Skye again, Skye’s laptop is humongous, they must have just finished watching a movie… Then I drifted off to sleep.

How did you like the story? If anybody wants a second part, please tell me in the comments, then I’ll write it! Well, actually, I’ll probably write a second chapter whether anybody wants one or not, because this story was actually very fun to write! 😀

I know, I have another photostory that I need to get done, but it’s just that I’m not really enjoying the writing process of it. And plus, I don’t have a doll kitchen, or any props to do it, (yes, they are in a kitchen at one point of the story) so I’m postponing it until inspiration hits. 🙂

Also,  I’m sorry about my starting chapters you have seen on my old photostory. They were very sloppy, and the lighting for the pictures on the second part was bad. I should’ve taken more time to take the pictures and write it out. From now on, I’m going to try to make my posts better quality, and the pictures as well. 🙂

Au revoir,

My signoff2.jpg


How do you like my new signoff? On one certain picture, the background is actually the seat of my chair.

Mary and Skye Reporting, Ep. 1

Hey guys! Mary here. You know, the gorgeous redhead doll in the meet the dolls page. Yeah, I’m so pretty. *flips hair* Today, we will talk about-

*hears typing*

Mary!! What are you doing???!!!



Oh please, oh please, oh please, Skye, let me write this post, just this once!



Actually, we can do this post together.

OK, I’m fine with that. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me help!!

All right, all right. *sighs* Let’s get on with this post!


OK, the letters in pink is Mary, and the letters in purple is me, Skye.

Warning: Mary may be super ca-razy.


So I have to tell you, you’d better watch out for-

Wolfgirl556 on Animal Jam! She scams! She didn’t scam Skye but she scammed three other people. I’ll show you a screenshot of her:


Mary, no interrupting.


Yes, that was what I was going to say. She was having a red long giveaway. I was one of those people who came. She said, “If you are non member, go out.” I didn’t go out because  I needed to see if she was a scammer. She didn’t care though. She also said, “If you think I’m a scammer, go out.” Yes, suspicious. Rae even warned the people, but they said, “No she’s not!” The jammer said to gift her good stuff, and that she would give them back after they were done. One person gifted a beta and something else. I feel bad for that person. 😦 They all gifted the jammer. And, just before the end, she said, “I know who the winner is.” Others asked, “Who?” then, she locked us out. So, if you see her, hosting a giveaway, report her. The sad thing is, that after the “giveaway” was over, someone said that they liked what she did and wanted to team up and do it. And I’m like, “Why??!” and she sends me something that says, “LOL DONT ASK.” So yeah. Sorry Mary this was very long I’ll let you talk now.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Can you show them a few pictures of your favorite outfit on me? Please?

Of course. I wanted to do that sometime. OK, I’ll show ya a few.






MY SHOES!! *faints*



*gets up* AHH MY HAIR!! 

*tapes Mary’s mouth shut*

Sweater: Made by a friend of my family

Jeans: Made by the same friend

Shoes: From the old TM meet outfit

Scarf: Given to by a friend

*mumbles through tape*

All right, I’ll take the tape off. *peels tape of*

*gasps for breath*

THANK YOU! Well, I’m so proud of that hairstyle. It’s so pretty. This outfit is perfect for the fall. I know it’s not autumn anymore, but still, I haven’t been going outside because Skye thinks it’s too cold outside which makes me mad because I love modeling all those pretty doll outfits. Oh, also, did you know, that it’s Skye’s aunt’s birthday? Skye’s mom called her on the phone and they sang Happy Birthday. Skye’s mom is still on the phone with her. 

Nevermind, she’s going to stop talking. Yes, we all agree that you have pretty hair.

Yeah, you know when we got the jeans and coat?! It was a little before Skye got Josefina. She made them homemade, as you saw, and I’m so happy that she did. They looked like they were storebought. I LOVE THEM I HEART THEM!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, I do too. 

Well, I think we should be going now.

But Skye! This is the only post I’ll be able to do!! 

Wait, I have an idea! 


We could make a series about us!

We could call it, “Mary and Skye Reporting”!

Oh my goodness that’s a good idea!!

From now on, we will always do these posts!

No, only sometimes.


Well, maybe we could do these posts once a month.

OK, *sighs* fine.

Well, we’ll see you next month on-

The 3G&R Channel!





Hey, I need a signoff!!


Thank you. Much better.




Chapter 2 of my Unnamed Story + The Sunshine Blogger Award

(Part 1 if you haven’t read it yet.)

Hi guys! Here I am, lying down in my freshly cleaned room, writing my chapter, with a chocolate mint just waiting to be eaten. If I forget to put the pictures on, please excuse that. When I started blogging, I forgot to add categories and tags.

I wrote chapter 2 of this story before, but then it got lost because Rae restarted my computer. [:(. (Don’t worry sis I forgive you! 🙂 )

I present to you, Chapter 2!




I woke up, sweating, gasping for breath. It was only a dream.

Ever since I was 6 years old, I was into ninjas. I played ninja computer games, I watched TV shows about them, and most of all, pretended I was one.

Today was a weekend, so I didn’t have to go to school. I was glad of that. I had plans.

“Ha-zel!” my mom called.

“Be there in a minute!” I called back.008.JPG

I walked out of my room, into Mom’s bedroom.

“What is it, Mom?” I asked.

“I just wanted to tell you that I decided we would go to the park this morning,” she said.

“But Mom!” I whined.

“I know you want to play pretend ninja, but you need your fresh air. You’ve been spending too much time playing computer games.”

It was true. I had been spending lots of time playing the computer. But this time I wasn’t going to. But I had to obey my mom.


“Go get dressed,” Mom ordered.

I started toward my room.

“Remember to brush your hair!” she called as I was about to shut my door.

I sighed. This was going to be a long day, at the place I disliked the most.


Sorry for no cliffhanger to keep you on the edge of your seats. 😦

So, was that unexpected? I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to think up a next chapter. But then I came up with a wonderful idea. She was only dreaming. I hope you liked my idea. 🙂  (It’s all right if you don’t I’m still not the greatest writer.)

Sorry about the photos that don’t look to good. It was a little dark in my room and my night mode doesn’t work that well.



Now for the Sunshine Blogger Award!


Chance from Lego Lane nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

                           THE RULES!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions


  1. What’s your favorite car?

My favorite car is an Avalanche. I think that’s what it’s called.

2. What is your favorite girl of the year?

*Looks on the AG website archives* Sonali, Lanie, Kanani, and Saige. 🙂

3. What’s your Lego theme?

Like, do you mean as in like Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars, etc…

Because if you mean that, it’s probably Lego Friends and Lego City.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I have no idea. Maybe I’ll build houses. 😀 NOTHING that has to do with being a doctor or surgeon.

5. What’s your favorite drink?

Strawberry Zevia (a kind of sugar-free soda) and water.

6. Ketchup or Mustard?

Ketchup. 🙂

7. What’s your favorite season?

Summer (so I can play in the pool!) and spring.

8. Cats or Dogs?


9. Would you rather be super popular and mean or not popular and nice?

Number 2, thank you very much.

10. Blue or Red?




American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls in a Big World

Sara from Embracing the Moment

Sorry, but I’m running out of people to nominate! Ahh!


Yay, the good part!

  1. Have you ever read Anne of Green Gables?
  2. What’s your favorite season? (Question stolen from Chance.)
  3. Do you like Josefina?
  4. Computers or IPhones?
  5. Do you like reading?
  6. Are you homeschooled?
  7. When was the last time you got sick?
  8. Has one of your ideas ever been copied? (In the blogging world.)
  9. Have you eaten seaweed?
  10. What was your favorite question I asked you in this award?

Thanks for nominating me Chance!

I was in the middle of working on the photostory and after I took one of my pictures I turned on the computer again and I saw that I had a notification. I looked at it and Chance said that I had been nominated.

Yes, I like explaining things.

The doll loving blogger…


P.S: My signoff is huge! (Have I said that before?)


What My Dolls are Doing Today

Hola! No habla espanio? Si? OK, enough with the Spanish, Josefina. Sorry about that. Josefina just wanted to show off her amazing Spanish skills. So, anyway, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh, sorry, I never told you who this is. Ahem. This is Skye. Today, I will be showing you what my dolls are doing today, and the doll bedroom! Let’s get started!


This is the doll bedroom! I know, I know, it’s tiny. But it’s pretty cozy! 😀


Here’s the couch! It’s actually a white container covered in fabric.


Top view. Yep, I took this picture at the end of my bed!090.JPGFrom the floor view. Doesn’t this picture look cool?


Now here’s the dolls inside the room! What are they doing?


Mary’s nose is stuck in Meet Caroline.


Sara is throwing a ball to to her brother.


The girls’ brother, determined to catch the ball. He doesn’t have a name yet! 😮


Mini Caroline has fallen off of Jaguar’s back. (Jaguar is the dog.)


Josefina is crying over her frizzy, tangled hair, while holding a doll.


Here’s the top view of them!

So, that’s ’bout it!

Bonus: Have any names for the boy doll? If so, please comment them.but you don’t have to it’s optional. 😉

Sign off,