The Crazy Adventures of Cherry and Holly! Ep 1

Who's ready for a photo story?!? Sorry, that I took forever to post this. But I'm sure you'd rather read the story then read why I took forever 😄 So, let's begin!

On a refrigerated morning, the phone blared until finally a scrawny hand grabbed it.

"Cherry, how dare you wake me up so early! You better have a good reason!" Holly stated quite annoyed.

"Uh, Holly it's 8:30" Cherry said.


 "Don't you remember? I signed us up for a sister bonding baking class?"

"Oh, yeah. I thought that was tomorrow?"

"No, it's today and if you don't hurry up we'll be late!" Cherry said enthusiasticley.

"Fine, I'm getting up", Holly groaned.

Holly was usually a very sweet enthusiastic hamster but not when you mess with her precious sleep on a Sunday!

Half an hour later Cherry showed up at her sisters' door expecting her to be ready. Instead she was greeted by a snoring, much asleep Holly.

Cherry suddenly sprinted to the kitchen and filled a pan with ice cold water. She came in to Holly's room and poured the ice cold water on every inch of her fat round body. 

"EEEKK!"was the deafening noise that came from her.

"Ok, ok, I'm getting up!"Holly said submissively with her hands in the air.

"If you lie-" Cherry started to say but then noticed Holly was already in her closet.

10 long minutes later Holly was ready.

"Finally", Cherry said while looking down at her watch.

"So, what's for second breakfa-" Holly asked but was inturuppted by vigorous head shakes from Cherry.

"Not even second Elvenses?"

"Nope", Cherry replied.

"Then what are we going to eat?!?"

"The cupcakes at the baking-bonding class".

"Ok, but how long will it take?"

"It's taking longer with all these questions".

"Well then what are we waiting for then?!" Holly said and than ran out the front door.

At the baking-bonding class.

"Welcome, class!" The Chef greeted.

"My name is Henry Stanton but you can call me Chef Stanton".

"Hello Chef Stanton!", Holly interrupted loudly.

Cherry cringed with embarresment. The building grew hot and she could feel the stares and here the whispers but Chef Stanton continued as if nothing happened. 

"Now, today we're going to be making lemon berry cupcakes with lemon berry frosting".

Cherry half-expected that Holly was going to belt out that she loves berries or something that would embarrass her again but surprisingly her mouth remained shut.

"So, let's begin!" Chef Stanton said enthusiasticley.

Once Cherry and Holly gathered up all the ingredients and they began to start with the batter.

"So, what can I do?" Hollly asked. 

"Uh", Cherry thought for a moment, "You can zest the lemon".


"Time to lick the spoon, yet?" Holly asked impatiently.

"Not yet", Cherry said while trying to listen to Chef Stanton instructions.

Cherry tossed in some more ingredents and turned on the mixer.

"Is it ready now?" Holly whined like she was going to die of hunger.

"Yup", Cherry simply answered.

"YAY!!!" Holly

"Come to Mama", Holly greeted the spoon. "Hmmmm, this is so good!"

"Thanks, Holl!"

Now, that the batter is in the tins and baking they could start on the icing. 

Cherry shouted across the room,"Holly, grab some powdered sugar, milk, and frozen berries!". 

"Got it!", she said approaching  their section. 


"Dang, Cherry!" Holly exclaimed. "What did you put in this icing? Bricks?"

"Haha, very funny, Holly".

"Mmhhm! These look delicious!" Holly said.

"Yes, they do", Cherry said with awe.

After the cupcakes cooled they iced them.

"Dig in!" Chef Staton said.

Holly quickly grabbed three cupcakes and shoved them in her mouth and Cherry did the same, just not as messy.

30 minutes later Holly was on the floor with frosting and crumbs all over her, holding her expanded stomach.

"Just one more", said Holly.

"No, Holly, you've had enough!" Cherry exclaimed. "We can take them home and eat them for dessert".

"Yeah, that's a good idea".

"And I, set us up for another sister bonding class".

"What are we doing this time?"

"Hiking. Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, cool", Holly groaned.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


When I went to Rae & Skye’s house…

Greetings! It's Kiki! Well, if you've read Rae's last post or are a frequent visitor of my blog, you should know that I went to Rae and Skye's house! I haven't seen them in like two years so I was pretty excited! When we got to their area we ate at a burger place and had frozen custard for dessert. Then we drove to their house and had fun! 

First, they showed me the chickens🙂 

Then shark…😄 

Yes, I am badly allergic to cats 😜 

Next, we went to Rae's room(Rae, you should seriously do a room tour!) Her little hamster, Lic, showed me her climbing skills! 

She's sooo cute!😍 

Then we played Apples to Apples with them and their siblings😉

And Ping pong! I turned out to be pretty good at it😎 

I took some doll selfies with Sara, Caro, and Molly🙃

Then we had to go😕 I had a really nice time; probably the best day out of my whole trip! 

Thanks for having me over your house Rae and Skye! And I hope everyone enjoyed this post!



Hallo! Kiki here! I know it's been awhile I just didn't know what to post. I wanted to finish up a chapter for my new photo story but I don't like to rush my stories.

So, instead I decided to make this little post that'll tie me over till next week or so. Let's begin!

First I'd like to say "Thank You!" We just reached 50 followers 2 weeks ago(I think)!

I'm also working on a new photo story(that I sort of already told you about, but not really). It's going to be about my stuffed animal  Hamster Cherry, and her sister Holly(She's my brothers stuffed animal hamster). They are hilarious little hamsters that go on adventures but they don't always agree😄 Here's a little sneak peek!

I haven't posted about what I got for Hanukkah yet. So, I will now.

This is only some of the stuff I got; I couldn't fit it all in and I got some more stuff later.

My Aunt is starting a business and she needs a logo, so she asked me to design it! I've already started it but I'll just show it to you when it's all done.

I've been having really bad back pain lately🙁 I think I over stretched while do some cheer flyer positions. My Mom saved the day though! It's feeling a ton better!

Last but not least. I think I'm going to be writing a book! No, I'm not going to tell what I want it to be about yet😉
I hope you enjoyed this informative post🙂 Don't forget to comment down below! I really do enjoy our conversations!


Ps: Don't forget to play my little game!


Meet Licorice 🐹 + some randomness

Disclaimer: Licorice is most definitely not a ‘replacement’ for Pearl. Pets cannot be replaced, each one of them is different and special. I hope this disclaimer made sense and isn’t offensive to anyone, I just have a hard time explaining things. 😉

Hey people! You probably remember my last post about Pearl’s death.I’ve been depressed about it for awhile :(. Since I miss Pearl so much, and I obviously can’t bring her back to life, my parents let me get Licorice 🐹🐹💙

(Most of these photos are edited so they look better. I didn’t get any very great pictures of Licorice because she moves too much 😜 so excuse me if they’re a bit blurry ;))

Here is her being held by me. ❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙
She’s turned evil!! No, just kidding 😆 but she is biting me 😮
Haha this one’s cute ❤
Uhh Rae… Aren’t you gonna let me out?
Yes this is an edit of a picture you just saw and it’s my gravatar. But it’s so pretty 😍😍💙💙

You might be wondering why I named her Licorice. It kind of has to do with her personality. She licks, which puts the lick in licorice. And I just realised she does look like the old AG pet, Licorice the cat o_O 😮

And now here is some randomness:

You might have not known this, but I do play Animal Jam. I just never posted about it. Until now 😜

You can find me as……….. *drumroll*





hamstermaniac12 (big surprise) 😂😂😂😂

Anyway, hosted a fashion show at my den recently and I took screenshots. Here they are:

Getting ready for the fashion show
First theme: robotic
Second theme: dessert. Never mind Skye’s singing 😆
Last theme: winter. It was a tie 😄

That concludes this post! Also, my spelling correction kept changimg the title to MeetMeet Licorice for some reason :/ (Who decided that roadrunner would correct my spelling?) Get it? Roadrunner says “Meep meep”

Oh yes, I changed my signoff 😀



Rae and Randomness Episode 3: Snow! + an argument with Pearl

Hello and welcome to episode three of the (not so) famous Rae and Randomness series! Today–

*Tries to shove Rae away from the computer but fails* I will be taking over Three Girls and Randomness. Lily has inspired me. So… Goodbye Rae, Kiki, and Skye! >:D


*Tapes Rae’s mouth* Today I will be posting about how annoying Rae is. Rae does so many annoying things like–

*Grabs Pearl and sets her back in cage*  *Peels tape off of mouth*

Like that! She’s so annoying! *Tries to escape*

Sorry about that. I guess she hasn’t been sleeping well lately XD

Anyhow, today I will show you a photo shoot of Lizzy that I took the other day when there was snow!


The snow is sadly all gone now, and there never was enough to play in, but at least there was enough for a photo shoot! 😀 Also, the chicken’s reaction to the snow was hilarious! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD They flew right over the snow to the nearest melted patch. Yes, chickens can fly! They just aren’t great flyers. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Here are some bonus chicken pictures: dscn0127

Cinnamon ❤


Unnamed Buckeye chicken


Buffy in the snow ❤ ❤


Buffy sitting near the heater


Cinnamon and the same unnamed Buckeye chicken


Cinnamon, Buffy, and yet the same Buckeye chicken


(Same as previous photo)


Yes, the same unnamed chicken that keeps appearing in the chicken photos XD XD XD


Wait a sec, that’s not a chicken! XD Annabelle jumped on the window so I decided to take a picture of her ❤

That concludes this post!


*giggle* Pearly-signoff.jpg

*Sigh* I’m going to have to talk to Pearl about this. Anyhow, happy early Hanukkah!


In loving memory of Ruby&Onyx the hamsters <3

You probably don’t know this, but before I owned Pearl I used to have two hamsters, Ruby and Onyx. They were sisters. Ruby was pale gray with a white stomach with pink eyes, mostly albino, and Onyx was a medium gray with a white stomach, or platinum (it took me forever to find out what the name of her color was.) Anyway, Onyx died November 11, aka Veterans day, 2015, and I believe Ruby died exactly a year before. They were wonderful little hamsters and I loved them very much.  Here are some pictures of them. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know, these photos I have are not all that great. But those were the best I had of them. And you can tell that the one of Ruby and Onyx that the background is transparent, but it was the most original version of it I could find.

Now I will tell you more about Ruby and Onyx.

Ruby was originally my hamster, and Onyx was Skye’s. They used to live in the same cage until they started fighting.We got a second cage, and connected it to the first, hoping they would get along better if they had more space. Ruby and Onyx were still fighting. So we separated the hamsters, Ruby in the first cage, Onyx in the new cage.  They lived happily in their separate cages until Ruby died of unknown causes. This did not affect Onyx, though. I missed Ruby a lot, and I kinda took Onyx to be my hamster, since Skye is not really a hamster person.Not long after that, we moved. Onyx survived the move and lived with us in an apartment until our house was ready. (In case you are wondering, we had Sugar was there, too.)

Onyx lived approximately half a year after we moved into the house. Soon before she died, she had sticky eyes, an abscess, and she breathed hard. She was sick, but I didn’t want to believe she was going to die soon. There was nothing we could do about it. She lived a long life, for a hamster, almost two years. P.S: before Onyx died, we got Pearl, and another hamster named Violet. They helped me with the sadness of Onyx’s death. Violet died though. She might have had mental problems, but I’ll never know. I will make a post about her in March, though. 😦

~R.I.P~ Ruby and Onyx Fluff

*sighs* Ruby and Onyx were great hamsters. They were my first hamsters.

I hope this post turned out okay. And I hope Pearl lives a long life. ❤


Here’s a pic of Pearl that I wanted to post. I love Pearl.

That concludes this post. Have a great day! 🙂

(And love hamsters! 🙂 )



Memes and GIFs

Hey people! I’m sorry if anything in my posts sounded rude. I’m kinda new to blogging, you  know, and I don’t have much experienced with having stuff I type public. I’m going to try my best to make quality posts from now on. 🙂 I hope I didn’t scare any of you off! I want to make good posts worth reading. I just usually don’t know what to post so I usually make quick posts that are kinda lame. Sorry guys. 😦


I have a surprise for you! Memes off the internet! Fair warning: There are spider memes and I am trying to guilt you out of killing spiders >:D 😉 😀

FYI these aren’t mine.

I found them off the internet ☺

Credit to whoever owns them ☺ 🐹🐹🐹 🐨 🐱 🐛🐜

Image result for jumping spider meme


Image result for jumping spider meme


Image result for jumping spider meme
Oh man. Poor spider.
Image result for misunderstood spider
Image result for jumping spider meme
For some reason this spider kinda reminds me of a cousin of mine. And he’s scared of spiders.
Image result for jumping spider meme
Awww… can you still possibly be scared of spiders?

Image result for jumping spider meme

Image result for jumping spider cute
This one is funny:D


Image result for jumping spider meme


Image result for jumping spider meme
This one is funny but I don’t get the “Hey bro” part
Image result for spider roommate meme
But really, think about it!


Image result for cute spider meme
Hehe 😀

Okay, okay, I bet you are tired of spiders. Let us look at cute and furry animals, shall we?

Image result for cute hamster memes
I’m not kidding. I am now showing you hamster memes.

Image result for cute hamster memes

Image result for cute hamster memes

Image result for cute hamster memes
Oh, right. *whispers* “Don’t listen to him.”
Image result for cute hamster memes
I don’t XD

Image result for cute hamster memes

Image result for cute hamster memes

Image result for cute pet memes

Image result for cute pet memes

And then I made some gifs for you guys:

And this is a gif I made of a spider I found at Sukkot. Yes, I poked her with grass so she would move 😀

These are some geese we saw the other day 😀


This is one of the eagles mentioned here

I hope you enjoyed! And also, I hope you like spiders 😉

And I hope you love hamsters. ❤  🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

The amazingly strange


How do ya like my new sign off? 🙂