Two Truths and a Lie!

Hallo, Guys! It’s Kiki! Today, we’re going to play a game called 2 Truths & a Lie. I’m going to give you three statements about my life in each one of the five paragraphs and you have to guess which one is Lie in the comments. Then in my next post I’ll tell who got them all right. Easy, right? Let’s get on to the game!
1. I live far away from the movie theaters. I’ve been to Disney world. I used to have Kit’s best friend Ruthie.
2. I’ve never have been to the Grand Canyon. When I was 8 I wanted to be a hair dresser. I don’t live in California.
3. I eat paper. I used to go to a school that mainly taught about insects and animals. I like chipotle flavored food.
4. I’m saving up for a camera. I have a mole on my nose. I was born in republican state.
5. My step-cousin almost got bit by a rattlesnake once. I like llamas. My favorite fruit is Grapfruit.
Tell me in the comments below which one I’m lying about and in my next post I’ll reveal the person who got them all right or most of them!

Ps: Have fun!😈 😂


My Thoughts on Gabriela Mcbride…

Konnichiwa! It’s Kiki! As you all know Goty 2017 Gabriela Mcbride is out. I’ve already seen leaked pictures of her stuff so I wasn’t surprised about her collection. Anyway, today I’m going to tell you my thoughts about her and her stuff. So, let’s begin!

(None of these images are mine. Credit to whoever owns them)

Image result for Gabriela Mcbride American girl doll pajamas

I actually really like these PJs even though they are basic. They are what you need in pajamas- comfort and cuteness 🙂

Image result for Gabriela Mcbride American girl doll rehearsal outfit

This is the weirdest outfit! It looks hot and sweaty because of all the layers. The shoes don’t even go! Would someone actually wear this to rehearsal? I wouldn’t! You have to take the shorts, then the leggings, and then leotard just to go to the bathroom! Then you have to put it all back on! But she does look cute in it 😉

Image result for Goty Gabriela Mcbride doll sparkling sequins outfit

I couldn’t find a pic of Gaby in this outfit 😦 My favorite part about this outfit is the purple ombre sparkles on the top. I don’t think the leggings look fancy enough with that top though. The shoes are basic and so is the headband.

Image result for Gabriela's Creative Studio Set

I do really like this set. It’s nice that it comes with a reversible backdrop for more play value. But I don’t like the “G” on the ballet bar. Does EVERYTHING have to be personalized, AG?

Image result for Gabriela Mcbride's Performance Case

Couldn’t find a better picture of this either. Now this has to be one of MY favorite sets. I love that the case stores so much and that it swivels! All of the stuff it comes with would definitely be used by my dolls! I don’t like that it says Gabriela. Like I said before does everything have to be personalized?

Image result for Gabriela's Showtime Kit

I’m just going to say this is overpriced!! It barely comes with anything. Personally I’d skip this set and buy The performance case. t comes with way more and it has more play value.

Image result for Gabriela's Cat

This thing(it barely looks like a cat) is hard(I went to a temporary AG store yesterday and I felt it) and it’s small.

Image result for Gabriela's Accessories

I don’t mind this set. I just probably wouldn’t buy it. I like the boom box graphic and colors on her bag.

Image result for Gabriela's Accessories

These are so cute! I love the shimmery silver but I think they are overpriced.

Image result for gabriela mcbride american girl doll

Now onto the doll herself. I’m extremely disappointed that she is a retired Truly me. I mean she’s cute but not worth 115 dollars to me. Sorry AG and Gaby. I don’t mind her outfit it’s just, well…plain. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the new Girl of the Year🙂 What are your favorite sets/outfits in Gaby’s collection? And would you buy them? Tell me in the comments down below! 

¡Hasta Luego! 






Good Bye Fall!- Photo-shoot

Yo, Guys! Kiki is here! Before I start I’m going to have to take at least a week break from this blog😞 Next week I move so I won’t be able to post. Also today is my Mom’s birthday!🎉 Let’s wish her a great day! Now, that I’ve updated you lets get on to the photo shoot! 

Bye bye Autumn! I wil miss you! But I’m very ready for winter & Rouge one!😍 Which photo was your favorite? I liked 2 and 7! Also, who’s excited to see Rouge one!?! Meeeee!!!!!

Half up Heart-Loop

Hey Guys! Kiki here! How was your guy’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fine. Anyway, today I’m going to show you how to do this adorable hairstyle! Let’s get started!

What you are going to need: A Doll, a brush, and 2 hair ties.

img_4445-2Get two sections of hair in the front, and tie them off together with an hair tie.

img_4449Next, get two more sections near her ear.

img_4448And wrap it around. Repeat on the other side.

img_4447Now, you have the top of your heart.

img_4446Bring the sections together and tie if off with a ponytail holder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hairstyle. Tell me in the comments below if you love this style, and want to try it!

image Ps: I’m going to be moving next month.


9 tips for blogging!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! I’m here today to give some useful tips for blogging. So, let’s get on to the post!

1: NEVER COPY! We think hard to come up with ideas. Just because you admire that person doesn’t mean you have to copy them. How would you like it if someone copied every little thing you did? I personally don’t mind if me, and another random blogger just happened to be alike, but not random bloggers just copying my likes, and personality!

2: When you take pictures of your dolls make sure their hair is brushed, outfits are facing the way they should, and that theirs outfits match. Also make sure you have good lighting!

3: Good Grammar. I’ve went on some blogs, and they didn’t care to add punctuation marks, or capitalize. This made there blog look trashy, and themselves lazy.

4: Once you get more viewers don’t get snobby, or prideful. Popular blogs think they are the best, and to busy for you. Believe me. When I once started blogging this blogger used to be nice, and comment. Once, she got more popular she never commented again.

5: Add cliffhangers. Viewers love cliffhangers in stories! You will have them hooked to your blog!

6: Don’t blame your viewers. It makes you look bad. I saw this blog who hasn’t posted this photo story part in awhile, and kept promising the viewers this week. She ended up never doing it. Then her viewers got confused and kept asking, and she has the nerve to get upset. I know some viewers can be cruel, but that’s no excuse!

7: Remember this is fun! It’s not a job(unless yours is supposed to be) Also, remember don’t copy! I know, can’t you tell how much I dislike it?

8: Don’t call your self werid. Ugh. Everybody calls them self werid but since everybody does they actually aren’t werid! Get it? I never call my self werid. You can judge for yourself if I’m different on the Meet bloggers page.

9: Just be yourself! I really dislike it when bloggers act different just to attract popular blogs. What happened to just being yourself?

I hope this post has helped you on what, and what not to do😉

You’re blogger………………….