My Life is Terrible ;-;

You may be wondering why I titled it this. Here’s the story.

So, a few weeks ago, I got a new hamster. She was so sweet, and she never bit me. It made me so happy just to get her out of her cage and play with her.

Then, the worst thing imaginable happened yesterday.

I was just casually sitting at the dinner table, working on my grammar, when my mom came up to me and said, “Skye, Rae told me that Cookie (my hamster’s name) just died.” I was devastated. I don’t know what I did wrong. I fed her, and played with her as much as I could, but she just died. I should have known something was wrong. That night, she didn’t run on her wheel. The next day, she was sleeping and moving like she was having a bad dream. I couldn’t wake her up. I kind of shrugged it off.

I can’t believe I took her running on her wheel for granted. I’ll never be able to hear that again. I’m sorry Christiana that I didn’t say anything about it to you.

I can act happy in public, but at night, I start getting depressed again. It should have known that it was too good to be true to have a perfect hamster like Cookie.

I didn’t get any pictures of her, but Rae posted a video of Cookie on Rae’s YouTube channel. It’s not high quality, but you get a good idea of what she looks like.

I always loose my pets early. Violet died after 5 months. I guess I should have seen it coming.

This post was on such short notice and probably has very many grammar errors, but I don’t care. I guess I just want the world to be aware that my hamster died.

Bye. Thank you for reading this.



The Blue Sky Tag

I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks. Oops.

‘Ello, my dear readers! Kiki nominated me for the Blue Sky Tag. Thanks, Kiki! Here we go!


1. thank the person who nominated you.

2. answer their 11 questions.

3. tag 11 new people (I’m not so good with these rules…)

4. give them 11 more questions to answer.



1. who was your first doll that you got? (doesn’t have to be AG)

Well, that would depend if upon if you meant 18 inch dolls or not. But I’m just sticking with 18 inch. 😉 My very first 18 inch (oh boy I’ve already said that 3 times) was an Our Generation doll named Charlotte. I got her when I was six years old. So now, she has very horrible hair, and we had to cut some of it off.

2. what’s your favorite American Girl doll?

That’s a pretty hard one, but I like Kanani, Lea Clark, Nanea, Truly Me 61, among others.

3. if you could design anything for American Girl, what would it be?

I never really thought of that. But making a GOTY would be a lot of fun! If I couldn’t do that, then I would design an outfit.

4. how did you learn about American Girl?

From the catalogue. I had one of the 2012 ones, and I would read it and look at it almost every day. Then we signed up for them and got them every month (I thought it meant a free doll XD). AG turned into an obsession for me. When I got a tablet, I went on the website in a lot of my spare time. Then in spring of 2014, I got my first AG doll, Sara. Then I got my second AG in February 2015. My third doll, Josefina, (who I might sell) we bought used in June 2016. I haven’t gotten another since.

5. what’s your favorite AG pet?

Pepper was always my favorite. But I never got a chance to buy him, I remember the day they updated AG pets. I was a little disappointed. 😦 Like really, why did they have to discontinue him?!?

6. what’s your favorite item that AG sells?

I.dont.know. A lot of them are pretty cool.

7. what 18 inch doll brand do you like to buy from?

I don’t like buying from AG, because of their high prices. Otherwise, I’d probably have at least 10 AG dolls. But the one we’ve bought from the most is Our Generation, and it’s not a bad brand.

8. who’s your favorite AGtuber?

I don’t watch much AGtube, but one of my favorites is agoverseasfan, who has almost 1 million subscribers.

9. who’s your favorite BeForever character?

Kaya, Rebecca, Nanea, and Caroline (she’s discontinued tho 😦 ).

10. what’s your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

Take pictures of them, and do their hair and outfits!

11. what’s your favorite kind of doll related post?

I like photostories most of all.

I nominate..

Anyone who loves Chick-fil-A. 😉

My Questions:

1. Have you read the entire Chronicles of Narnia? (I have 😉 )

2. Do you know another language?

3. How many pets do you have?

4. Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

5. Windows or Mac?

 6. What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

7. Do you play Animal Jam? (I bet you don’t XD)

8. What is your favorite kind of soda?

9. What is the last gift you have received, and who was it from?

10. What is your least favorite subject in school?

11. Do you really love Chick-Fil-A? 😉


I hope you enjoyed reading this. 😀











Winter Morning: An AG Photoshoot

These pictures were actually taken in the afternoon, but I gotta have a good title. XD





❤ ❤ ❤






Aw, isn’t Chocolate Chip so cute?


It snowed a couple days ago, and the first thing I think is, “You need to take pictures of one of your dolls!” I get out at 10:00 a.m to take pictures, but then I find that my cousin came over. Meh, I’ll do them later.

I don’t do it all day, and I think of doing it the next day, but my camera won’t cooperate and the battery keeps dying. Finally, today, I got myself outside, in 5 degrees Fahrenheit, with no gloves, to take these pictures. You’d better be grateful. 😉

Well, thank you for looking at these poorly edited beautiful pictures of Sara and Chocolate Chip! As always, which one was your favorite out of all of them? Tell me in the comments!


Everyone’s Hero: A Movie Review

Hi, it’s Skye! Today, I’m starting a new blog series, where I talk about movies I watched and my opinion on them. Today’s movie will be Everyone’s Hero, a movie that I actually finished like an hour ago. I seriously don’t even know why I watched it. XD

I’m splitting it up into 4 parts: The basic description, what I liked about it, what I disliked about it, and my final review.

(by the way, the picture and description is not mine. Credit in the link.)

everyones hero.jpg

A boy (Jake T. Austin) begins a grand journey to return Babe Ruth’s baseball bat before the deciding game of the 1932 World Series comes to a close.

What I Liked:

I liked the movie’s message, which is, “Just because people say you can’t do it, that doesn’t mean you quit.” Yeah, that’s the only thing I really liked. 😛

What I Disliked:

I really hated how they made a bat and a ball talk. Like seriously, that’s not even realistic. But it was a cartoon, so… Also, they’re really not going to let a kid bat in the World Series (yeah, they actually did in this movie.) But like I said, it’s a cartoon…

In my opinion, also, the animation was poor. Plus, I didn’t like the plot at all. XD

Final Rating:

2/5 stars.

Thank you for reading this post! If you like the idea of the series, and want to see more posts like this, then hit the like button! im really sounding like a youtuber  XD 

Also, have you seen this movie? If so, what do you think about it? Did you love it, or do you share my opinions? Tell me in the comments!

Also, we just hit 81 followers! Can we make it to 100?? 😀


A TUESday in the Life of me

Hi all, haven’t posted in a month. Oops. Meh, hardly anyone reads my posts anyway.

Well, I didn’t start posting to complain about how unpopular my posts are, so here we go!

Before you read this, you’d better like it because I spent an hour writing it. It was a spur of the moment idea though, so like always, it’s probably a trashy post not worth reading. But still. Read it. (just kidding you don’t have to read it XD)


This is around the time I wake up. Today I woke up at 7:30, and got my math done early. 😀 I also sometimes fool around on my computer. 😛


Around the time when I usually get out of my room and look for something to eat for breakfast. I don’t care for eggs that much, so I don’t usually eat that. Today I had a quesadilla. (Yeah, I know I’m weird.)


I usually start getting my stuff ready (and forcing my siblings to also so we won’t be late.) I also just fool around reading a book or whatever suits me. 🙂


When we leave, which is usually very stressful, like getting everyone in the car (I have a 5 year old sister, so yeah.)


I just got there about 5 minutes ago, and now we’re having assembly, which is basically someone talking about what’s coming up, and all that other stuff. They also ask about birthdays, which was pretty embarrassing a few weeks ago for me because I didn’t say my name until they asked.  Come on, I get humiliated very easily.

~I can’t remember the times of the classes, so I’m leaving them out now.~


We have history, and what’s cool about it is that my history teacher gives us a lot of projects to do, so we kind of have art twice. My worst experience during history, though, was when we had to make a story about a character from the Middle East (I think that’s where it was, I can’t remember.), and then we had to read them in front of the class. I worked really hard on mine, I probably spent 4 hours on it total. (I know that’s not the longest time, but it was a short-ish story.) Everyone applauded for each other, except for me, so I feel pretty left out or whatever. Not to brag, but some of the kids there made very lousy stories, and probably only spent 20 minutes on it. Well, I guess my story was kind of dumb also. Maybe I’ll blast it online sometime for everyone to see. We’ll see. 🙂


They give us a chance to learn a new math fact at co-op, though there is no math class. You wanna know one I learned on my first day? P.E+30 minutes= DEATH. Yeah, I hate it a lot. Except today wasn’t so bad, since it was raining outside so we had to do it inside, which means we had less room, which equals less hard exercises. Yay. 🙂 We ran six laps around the room, which wasn’t bad because I love running, and not to brag, but I’m a really fast runner. Then we had other various exercises, blah blah blah.

Snacks (aka Break)

BREAK. This is the time when we have no class, we’re free to chat, read, and eat snacks. Actually, no one has read during snack time yet, but I might do it sometimes. Today, I didn’t bring a snack because we literally have nothing in this house to eat, so one of my friends (probably my only friend there, actually) let me have one of her candies left over from the Christmas party. 🙂 So then I attempted to finish an old art project that I wasn’t done with yet.


This is when art happens, and my mom teaches that class. Today, we focused on shading and tinting, and we had to copy freaky abstract art of a lady about to kiss a man. It’s creepy, but actually very fun to draw. 🙂


Science used to be my favorite subject, but I got a different teacher, so it’s a little different now and everything seemed rushed today. Basically, we learn about aquatic animals (yeah, I know it’s mostly just animal science) and it’s actually kind of embarrassing putting this for random people to see, because it feels a little babyish, I guess because most kids learn real science in school. So don’t judge, I didn’t choose what science I’m doing. Well, anyway it’s kind of fun. We did sharks and rays today and made origami rays for a project for the end of the year (not going to explain.) Which reminds me, I need to re-do that, because I pretty much failed my first one. XD

Then I just go home and I do random things. The end. XD that was literally the worst end in the world

Yeah, so that’s pretty much how I live on Tuesdays. It’s a pretty interesting life, and I’m pretty content with it. But next school year, I might go to a private Christian school, which would be a very different experience, since I’ve homeschooled all my life. I guess we’ll see.

Bye. 🙂


P.S: I still appreciate kind comments. 😛

Holiday Tag!

Hey all! Kiki nominated me for the Holiday Tag that she created. 🙂 Thank you, Kiki! 😀

birthday (7)


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Mention the creator of this tag by providing a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions.
  4. Use the picture (above) in your blog.
  5. Tag 4 other bloggers at least- more if you’d like.



1: Which holiday do you celebrate?

Hanukkah! 😀


2: What are you doing for the holidays this year?

To be honest, not much. 😦 We hosted a Hanukkah party on Tuesday, and most of my family went to someone else’s house for another party (I couldn’t go because I have a cold. 😦 ).

3: What’s your favorite holiday song?

I like Candlelight by the Maccabeats. It’s always been my family’s favorite Hanukkah song. 🙂

4: Candy cane or gingerbread men?

If Dum Dum candy canes count, then candy canes. 😀

5: What is your favorite winter fragrance?

To be honest, I can’t think of any winter fragrances. 😛

6: If you could eat as much of one holiday food as you like, with no regrets, what would it be?

Uhhh… Dum Dum candy canes!

7: What is your favorite holiday movie?

I haven’t really seen any Hanukkah movies, so Home Alone. XDDD

8: Apple cider or Hot cocoa or Eggnog?

You’re going to think I’m insane, but I don’t like any of those drinks.

9: What is on the top of your holiday list this year?

I don’t have a holiday list. 😛 I’m still patiently waited for my Hanukkah present to come in the mail (I don’t know what it is!).

10: What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?

Uhm… I don’t know. XD

11: What is most important to you about the holidays?

I enjoy listening to Hanukkah music at night (which we haven’t done this year. 😦 ) And let’s face it, presents are also important. 😛

I’m assuming that you need to use the same questions. So just use those questions I just answered.

Now for the nominations!

I tag anyone who would like to do this tag, because to be honest, I don’t know who to nominate. 😛

Ok, bye, readers!



Happy Hanukkah!

Hello, all! Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah,and I wanted to share a Hanukkah song. 🙂

We are about to have a Hanukkah party tonight, and people are going to bring sugary sweets and I’m going to eat them all. >:D So yeah, this post has to be short.

Bye, my very few readers! 😉