Guess who posted after 5,000 years?

Me! Hey guys I guess its been… 1,2 months since I last posted?!? Sorry 😉 I really need to stop watching YouTube all day 😆  Guess what? me and Skye got a YouTube channel! >Here’s the link< Also, we are going camping until Tuesday so that’s pretty exciting. I can’t promise any pictures though, because Skye’s camera is missing and it has the SD card in it that we share :/ Unless I can convince my mom to let me use one of hers (she’s a photographer) 😈 Anyway, that’s it for today, sorry for the short post, it still takes me forever to write and I have been sitting here for at least half an hour, trying to type a halfway decent post XD

That concludes this post,

oh great I have got to find my sign off. Where are you, sign off?


Haha found it!

P.S I have made… 1,2,5,9, 20 posts on 3 Girls and Randomness! I really should be posting more but I’m so lazy 😛


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