Hallo! Kiki here! I know it's been awhile I just didn't know what to post. I wanted to finish up a chapter for my new photo story but I don't like to rush my stories.

So, instead I decided to make this little post that'll tie me over till next week or so. Let's begin!

First I'd like to say "Thank You!" We just reached 50 followers 2 weeks ago(I think)!

I'm also working on a new photo story(that I sort of already told you about, but not really). It's going to be about my stuffed animal  Hamster Cherry, and her sister Holly(She's my brothers stuffed animal hamster). They are hilarious little hamsters that go on adventures but they don't always agree😄 Here's a little sneak peek!

I haven't posted about what I got for Hanukkah yet. So, I will now.

This is only some of the stuff I got; I couldn't fit it all in and I got some more stuff later.

My Aunt is starting a business and she needs a logo, so she asked me to design it! I've already started it but I'll just show it to you when it's all done.

I've been having really bad back pain lately🙁 I think I over stretched while do some cheer flyer positions. My Mom saved the day though! It's feeling a ton better!

Last but not least. I think I'm going to be writing a book! No, I'm not going to tell what I want it to be about yet😉
I hope you enjoyed this informative post🙂 Don't forget to comment down below! I really do enjoy our conversations!


Ps: Don't forget to play my little game! https://3girlsmeetworld.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/two-truths-and-a-lie/


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