Happy New Year: A Photoshoot












Yes, I got a doll for Hanukkah. Her full name is Liliana Alyssa McGregor. Isn’t she cute?! I will put her on Meet the Dolls soon, probably this evening. A few days before I received her, Rae asked me a suspicious question. She asked if I would play with an Β OG doll if she had nice hair. I said yes. I sort of thought I would get one for Hanukkah. I might of gotten an AG, but we don’t have the money this year. Rae didn’t get a doll for Hanukkah, she got something else, but I think she’ll want to show you. I also got some other things for Hanukkah, but I’ll show you (hopefully) later. Yeah, so, I’m glad I got her. πŸ™‚

Yeah, not too long ago, one of the chickens (Cinnamon) flew on top of Rae’s head while she was holding her. I would show you a picture I got but

1. It’s blurry

2. It has part of Rae’s face in it

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering why there isn’t any snow, where I live, it doesn’t snow very much. Grrr…

So, that pretty much wraps it up!

Till next year,


P.S: If you’re wondering which doll this is, her original name was Lily Anna and she didn’t come with the outfit she’s wearing.


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