Mary and Skye Reporting, Ep. 1

Hey guys! Mary here. You know, the gorgeous redhead doll in the meet the dolls page. Yeah, I’m so pretty. *flips hair* Today, we will talk about-

*hears typing*

Mary!! What are you doing???!!!



Oh please, oh please, oh please, Skye, let me write this post, just this once!



Actually, we can do this post together.

OK, I’m fine with that. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me help!!

All right, all right. *sighs* Let’s get on with this post!


OK, the letters in pink is Mary, and the letters in purple is me, Skye.

Warning: Mary may be super ca-razy.


So I have to tell you, you’d better watch out for-

Wolfgirl556 on Animal Jam! She scams! She didn’t scam Skye but she scammed three other people. I’ll show you a screenshot of her:


Mary, no interrupting.


Yes, that was what I was going to say. She was having a red long giveaway. I was one of those people who came. She said, “If you are non member, go out.” I didn’t go out because  I needed to see if she was a scammer. She didn’t care though. She also said, “If you think I’m a scammer, go out.” Yes, suspicious. Rae even warned the people, but they said, “No she’s not!” The jammer said to gift her good stuff, and that she would give them back after they were done. One person gifted a beta and something else. I feel bad for that person. 😦 They all gifted the jammer. And, just before the end, she said, “I know who the winner is.” Others asked, “Who?” then, she locked us out. So, if you see her, hosting a giveaway, report her. The sad thing is, that after the “giveaway” was over, someone said that they liked what she did and wanted to team up and do it. And I’m like, “Why??!” and she sends me something that says, “LOL DONT ASK.” So yeah. Sorry Mary this was very long I’ll let you talk now.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Can you show them a few pictures of your favorite outfit on me? Please?

Of course. I wanted to do that sometime. OK, I’ll show ya a few.






MY SHOES!! *faints*



*gets up* AHH MY HAIR!! 

*tapes Mary’s mouth shut*

Sweater: Made by a friend of my family

Jeans: Made by the same friend

Shoes: From the old TM meet outfit

Scarf: Given to by a friend

*mumbles through tape*

All right, I’ll take the tape off. *peels tape of*

*gasps for breath*

THANK YOU! Well, I’m so proud of that hairstyle. It’s so pretty. This outfit is perfect for the fall. I know it’s not autumn anymore, but still, I haven’t been going outside because Skye thinks it’s too cold outside which makes me mad because I love modeling all those pretty doll outfits. Oh, also, did you know, that it’s Skye’s aunt’s birthday? Skye’s mom called her on the phone and they sang Happy Birthday. Skye’s mom is still on the phone with her. 

Nevermind, she’s going to stop talking. Yes, we all agree that you have pretty hair.

Yeah, you know when we got the jeans and coat?! It was a little before Skye got Josefina. She made them homemade, as you saw, and I’m so happy that she did. They looked like they were storebought. I LOVE THEM I HEART THEM!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, I do too. 

Well, I think we should be going now.

But Skye! This is the only post I’ll be able to do!! 

Wait, I have an idea! 


We could make a series about us!

We could call it, “Mary and Skye Reporting”!

Oh my goodness that’s a good idea!!

From now on, we will always do these posts!

No, only sometimes.


Well, maybe we could do these posts once a month.

OK, *sighs* fine.

Well, we’ll see you next month on-

The 3G&R Channel!





Hey, I need a signoff!!


Thank you. Much better.





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