My Tuesday

Hello, people! Today, I want to tell you about my day yesterday. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t be boring, cause I was out all day.

I woke up at I-don’t-remember. (Sorry, I really don’t!) My mom and I had to leave because we were going to get my cousin (I’ll just call her Pleather) a driver’s permit and plus, she and I had to go to the orthodontist.

We left at around 11:00. We went to my cousin’s college to pick her up. While we were waiting, my mom and I got lunch. I split a sandwich with her, and boy, it was delicious. In fact, I almost want one right now. 😉 The bread was a croissant, and inside was Swiss cheese, lettuce, and some other stuff. There was also supposed to be bacon in it but we ordered it without bacon because my family doesn’t eat anything the Bible calls unclean. We also got some chips with it.

We went into the car and we waited in the parking lot, waiting for Pleather. Then she came, with a cupcake in her hand. We drove for awhile, taking us to the place where Pleather would take the test for getting a driver’s permit. Thankfully, she passed it, so we went over to the place where she would actually get the driver’s permit. We had to wait about ten minutes, and then she got her picture taken and then we set off for the orthodontist. The cool thing was, that my mom said that we needed to leave for the orthodontist by 2:05, and we arrived at the car by that exact time. We arrived to the orthodontist seven minutes early. Pleather had to get her braces changed, and I had to get an expander for my mouth. Before that, me and Pleather had to brush our teeth. Thankfully, there was two sinks and disposable toothbrushes. But the toothpaste on the toothbrushes tasted awful. Eww…

When it was time for my appointment, they gave me some glasses and told me to put them on, which I don’t get. I asked if it was because there was a light above me, and they said if I saw the light, then I should scoot up so I wouldn’t see it. So I never found out why I had to wear them. They put the expander in, and it wasn’t that fun. They said that I had to eat very soft food for the next 24 hours. But even when that 24 hours is up, I can’t eat tortilla chips, gum, or anything like that. We finally reached home, after a long day. I was really upset on how uncomfortable the expander was, so I went into my closet to mope. I got over it later, and we had spaghetti for dinner. It was so good. Then, after my younger sister went to bed, we watched a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie. Then we went to bed. But I didn’t brush my teeth until about fifteen minutes later, I guess cause I wasn’t sure about brushing my teeth with and expander on.

That was my day yesterday!

Today, eating was really hard for me. I had to have yogurt and I didn’t eat my quesadilla. My expander isn’t bothering me right now, thankfully. It makes it hard for me to eat. 😐

Well, I have to do my chores now.

Until the blobfish come running,



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