Rae and Randomness Episode 2: Interviewing Pearl

Hello guys! It’s me Rae the hamstermaniac! Here is episode two of the (not so) famous Rae and Randomness series!  Yeah I know, episode one probably scared you guys off (sorry!) but this one will be good. Trust me. 😉  And yes, I’m putting off the stopmotion. I haven’t even recorded the sound for it yet. XD (Lalalalalalala……) Sorry XD

I have a few blog- related announcements to make before I get on to the post.

  1.  Kiki changed— I mean Lily took over Kiki’s Life and turned it into…Lily’s Life! You probably already know this if you are familiar with this blog XD
  2. Kiki and Kayla started a collab art blog! Again, you may already know this.

Now for the post! 🙂

I’m going to do an interview with Pearl. My words are in turquoise and Pearl’s are in lavender 🙂

So, Pearl, what is your favorite thing to do?

Eat, sleep, try to keep you up all night. Why do you ask me this stuff?

So people can learn more about you!

People?!?! *groans*

Why did you decide to let me interview you?

Because if I didn’t then you would take my wheel out of my cage!


What is your greatest wish?

For you to hurry up and finish interviewing me so I can go back to sleep!

Pearl, that’s not your greatest wish and you know it!

Fine. It is to explore the world.

Without me?!?

Yup. You are seriously getting on my nerves.

What is the most annoying thing in the world?


Uhg. Pearl…

What is your dream job?

I’m a hamster. Hamsters don’t get jobs. Plus I’m allergic to work.

Who is your best friend?

Me, myself, and sleep.

Not me?

You didn’t know?


*snores softly*

Sorry guys. Pearl seems to have fallen asleep. She was in a rather bad mood because I interrupted her glorious dream of sunflower seeds. She’s normally pretty friendly.  

That concludes this post!

I hope it turned out decent!

Where are you, my precious sign off??

Found you! Stop hiding from me!











9 thoughts on “Rae and Randomness Episode 2: Interviewing Pearl

  1. Cool post! Lily would pretty much answer the same things right now. She’s ready for me to turn my light off and sleep 😉 Good night! 😌

    Liked by 3 people

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