R.I.P Pearl

Pearl passed away early this morning.😭
Why did she have to die? She wasn’t even that old. Im not even exactly sure what was wrong with her she just got weaker and weaker and then died. I think she could have been sick but idk

I’m going to be lonely without Pearl. She was always great company.
I miss Pearl. I loved her so much.

Maybe I should get another hamster so I won’t be lonely but Idk if my mom will let me. Besides, another hamster isn’t the same as Pearl.



Moving on-A Photo shoot.

Yo, peeps! Kiki here! Yesterday, My family and I moved to our new house which was 4 hours away from the one we moved out of. Anyway, the day before yesterday I took some pictures of Chrissa with the moving truck. So, here they are! 

I hope you Guys enjoyed! Which one was your favorite?  I’ll see you next week! 

Mary and Skye Reporting, Ep. 1

Hey guys! Mary here. You know, the gorgeous redhead doll in the meet the dolls page. Yeah, I’m so pretty. *flips hair* Today, we will talk about-

*hears typing*

Mary!! What are you doing???!!!



Oh please, oh please, oh please, Skye, let me write this post, just this once!



Actually, we can do this post together.

OK, I’m fine with that. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me help!!

All right, all right. *sighs* Let’s get on with this post!


OK, the letters in pink is Mary, and the letters in purple is me, Skye.

Warning: Mary may be super ca-razy.


So I have to tell you, you’d better watch out for-

Wolfgirl556 on Animal Jam! She scams! She didn’t scam Skye but she scammed three other people. I’ll show you a screenshot of her:


Mary, no interrupting.


Yes, that was what I was going to say. She was having a red long giveaway. I was one of those people who came. She said, “If you are non member, go out.” I didn’t go out because  I needed to see if she was a scammer. She didn’t care though. She also said, “If you think I’m a scammer, go out.” Yes, suspicious. Rae even warned the people, but they said, “No she’s not!” The jammer said to gift her good stuff, and that she would give them back after they were done. One person gifted a beta and something else. I feel bad for that person. 😦 They all gifted the jammer. And, just before the end, she said, “I know who the winner is.” Others asked, “Who?” then, she locked us out. So, if you see her, hosting a giveaway, report her. The sad thing is, that after the “giveaway” was over, someone said that they liked what she did and wanted to team up and do it. And I’m like, “Why??!” and she sends me something that says, “LOL DONT ASK.” So yeah. Sorry Mary this was very long I’ll let you talk now.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Can you show them a few pictures of your favorite outfit on me? Please?

Of course. I wanted to do that sometime. OK, I’ll show ya a few.






MY SHOES!! *faints*



*gets up* AHH MY HAIR!! 

*tapes Mary’s mouth shut*

Sweater: Made by a friend of my family

Jeans: Made by the same friend

Shoes: From the old TM meet outfit

Scarf: Given to by a friend

*mumbles through tape*

All right, I’ll take the tape off. *peels tape of*

*gasps for breath*

THANK YOU! Well, I’m so proud of that hairstyle. It’s so pretty. This outfit is perfect for the fall. I know it’s not autumn anymore, but still, I haven’t been going outside because Skye thinks it’s too cold outside which makes me mad because I love modeling all those pretty doll outfits. Oh, also, did you know, that it’s Skye’s aunt’s birthday? Skye’s mom called her on the phone and they sang Happy Birthday. Skye’s mom is still on the phone with her. 

Nevermind, she’s going to stop talking. Yes, we all agree that you have pretty hair.

Yeah, you know when we got the jeans and coat?! It was a little before Skye got Josefina. She made them homemade, as you saw, and I’m so happy that she did. They looked like they were storebought. I LOVE THEM I HEART THEM!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Yes, I do too. 

Well, I think we should be going now.

But Skye! This is the only post I’ll be able to do!! 

Wait, I have an idea! 


We could make a series about us!

We could call it, “Mary and Skye Reporting”!

Oh my goodness that’s a good idea!!

From now on, we will always do these posts!

No, only sometimes.


Well, maybe we could do these posts once a month.

OK, *sighs* fine.

Well, we’ll see you next month on-

The 3G&R Channel!





Hey, I need a signoff!!


Thank you. Much better.




Good Bye Fall!- Photo-shoot

Yo, Guys! Kiki is here! Before I start I’m going to have to take at least a week break from this blog😞 Next week I move so I won’t be able to post. Also today is my Mom’s birthday!🎉 Let’s wish her a great day! Now, that I’ve updated you lets get on to the photo shoot! 

Bye bye Autumn! I wil miss you! But I’m very ready for winter & Rouge one!😍 Which photo was your favorite? I liked 2 and 7! Also, who’s excited to see Rouge one!?! Meeeee!!!!!

My Tuesday

Hello, people! Today, I want to tell you about my day yesterday. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t be boring, cause I was out all day.

I woke up at I-don’t-remember. (Sorry, I really don’t!) My mom and I had to leave because we were going to get my cousin (I’ll just call her Pleather) a driver’s permit and plus, she and I had to go to the orthodontist.

We left at around 11:00. We went to my cousin’s college to pick her up. While we were waiting, my mom and I got lunch. I split a sandwich with her, and boy, it was delicious. In fact, I almost want one right now. 😉 The bread was a croissant, and inside was Swiss cheese, lettuce, and some other stuff. There was also supposed to be bacon in it but we ordered it without bacon because my family doesn’t eat anything the Bible calls unclean. We also got some chips with it.

We went into the car and we waited in the parking lot, waiting for Pleather. Then she came, with a cupcake in her hand. We drove for awhile, taking us to the place where Pleather would take the test for getting a driver’s permit. Thankfully, she passed it, so we went over to the place where she would actually get the driver’s permit. We had to wait about ten minutes, and then she got her picture taken and then we set off for the orthodontist. The cool thing was, that my mom said that we needed to leave for the orthodontist by 2:05, and we arrived at the car by that exact time. We arrived to the orthodontist seven minutes early. Pleather had to get her braces changed, and I had to get an expander for my mouth. Before that, me and Pleather had to brush our teeth. Thankfully, there was two sinks and disposable toothbrushes. But the toothpaste on the toothbrushes tasted awful. Eww…

When it was time for my appointment, they gave me some glasses and told me to put them on, which I don’t get. I asked if it was because there was a light above me, and they said if I saw the light, then I should scoot up so I wouldn’t see it. So I never found out why I had to wear them. They put the expander in, and it wasn’t that fun. They said that I had to eat very soft food for the next 24 hours. But even when that 24 hours is up, I can’t eat tortilla chips, gum, or anything like that. We finally reached home, after a long day. I was really upset on how uncomfortable the expander was, so I went into my closet to mope. I got over it later, and we had spaghetti for dinner. It was so good. Then, after my younger sister went to bed, we watched a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie. Then we went to bed. But I didn’t brush my teeth until about fifteen minutes later, I guess cause I wasn’t sure about brushing my teeth with and expander on.

That was my day yesterday!

Today, eating was really hard for me. I had to have yogurt and I didn’t eat my quesadilla. My expander isn’t bothering me right now, thankfully. It makes it hard for me to eat. 😐

Well, I have to do my chores now.

Until the blobfish come running,


How to make: Pimple cream

Yo peeps! It’s Kiki! Have you ever had one of those times when you go to bed clear and then when you wake up with red dots? I know I’ve had, but I make this formula and clears fast! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

First you are going to need: Lavender essential oil and Tea tree oil.

Next you are going to need lotion. I like to use Dead Sea salt made from Israel.
Now, it depends on how much you want.
If you want this much or a little les or more than put 3 to 5 drops of lavender. The tea tree oil I use you pour it so I pour a little. But if yours comes out in drops then do 5 to 7.  Mix it all together with your finger and apply to the affected area.

Tell me if you made! Or if you want to in the comments below!


Hi, guys! Chapter 3 of the photostory should be up soon. It’s been cold outside and I still need to figure out how to do a temporary doll kitchen. And I might as well tell you the name of the photostory. I decided on Hazel’s Quest.

As you can see from the title, this post is going to be random. Thank you Rae for giving me the idea of making a story from a bunch of pictures! 🙂

(I’m going to use some pictures in my media library.)

Before we start, not all of these pictures are mine. Some of them Kiki and Rae took. Just to let you know. 🙂


Once, there was a little hen named Taffy wanted some adventure. Pecking for food bored her, and laying eggs was foul.


One day, she saw a dog in her chicken run. It looked hungry. Taffy tried to fly, but she was a chicken, so she couldn’t fly like a sparrow. She ran instead.

Later, Taffy realized that she was lost. Wait, she thought, Here’s my adventure!

She wandered around for awhile.


Soon, she came across a little girl with short blackish-brown hair.

“Hello!” said Taffy to the girl. The girl didn’t answer.

“Hello,” she said again. Still no answer.

“I know what will make you talk,” Taffy said. She went up to her and pecked her. That’s when it dawned on her.

“This isn’t a human. This is a statue!”

She angrily walked away, angry at her unintelligent self.


She soon came across a sign that said, “Rae”.

What does Rae mean, and why is it up here?  Taffy thought to herself.

It was nearing night. Taffy was very hungry.

(Um, Rae, do I have your permission to use this?)


So was a certain bird. His name was Jack, and he had been craving fried chicken for a long time. When he saw Taffy, he was overjoyed. He swooped down to catch her. Luckily,  Taffy had planned her defense for fighting eagles. But it didn’t work. It was no use. Jack picked her up and sailed through the sky.


Soon, they reached a campfire. Taffy was afraid. Would she be made into chicken pie?!

Suddenly, Taffy woke up. It was only a dream.

From then on, Taffy was happy with her way of living.

OK, this story wasn’t the greatest. Sorry about that. Credit to Kiki for the picture of Lily and the campfire.

Credit to Rae for the picture of the chicken, her old signoff, and the eagle.

I hope you liked this post OK. I didn’t know what else to do.

The pickle lover,