Half up Heart-Loop

Hey Guys! Kiki here! How was your guy’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fine. Anyway, today I’m going to show you how to do this adorable hairstyle! Let’s get started!

What you are going to need: A Doll, a brush, and 2 hair ties.

img_4445-2Get two sections of hair in the front, and tie them off together with an hair tie.

img_4449Next, get two more sections near her ear.

img_4448And wrap it around. Repeat on the other side.

img_4447Now, you have the top of your heart.

img_4446Bring the sections together and tie if off with a ponytail holder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hairstyle. Tell me in the comments below if you love this style, and want to try it!

image Ps: I’m going to be moving next month.



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