More Spiders & Weird bugs-This is for you Rae!

Hey Guys! Kiki here! I know how much you guys(especially Rae) love spiders! So, I thought I’ll have to make post abut them, and don’t forget that spiders are extremely CUTE! Anyway I hope you enjoy this post!

img_4274Here’s the first one! I found this one in the back of my Dad’s pickup truck. It is an Orchard Orbweaver or Leucauge venusta. Aren’t fluorescent’s(That what I named her 😉 )  colors beautiful?

img_4261This is a interesting Dead UGLY Cicada. Cicada in Latin means “Tree cricket”.

img_4263As you can see some of the left wing is broken.

img_4262Here is the back side. Sorry, it’s blurry I was in a rush.

img_4267This is just a random snail shell I found in my backyard!

img_4273So I was at DSW and I saw this spider in one of the shoes, and had to take a pic! 😀


img_4264Here’s a common Grass spider or Funnel weaver.


img_4269Next up is a Wheel bug or Arilus cristatus.

img_4271img_4270img_4268I think this one is a Spotted orb weaver, but I’m not 100 percent sure 😉

Well this is the end, So it’s time to say good bye till next week 😉

Hasta Luego!


Ps: What was your favorite bug/spider that I took a picture of?





21 thoughts on “More Spiders & Weird bugs-This is for you Rae!

  1. Great post! 🙂 those are awesome spiders and insects! From the looks of it, I’d say the spider in the shoe is a jumping spider 😀 😍Florescent’s colors are pretty! That first pic of the grass spider is really good! That cicada is a little freaky looking 🙂 i once held a real live one that just molted. I also collect their exoskeletons that they shed 😄I think I’ve scared my cousin with them before 😄 i think we have spiders like the one in the last pic. And once I tried saving my mom from a wolf spider. But my dad caught it instead. And he accidentally killed it 😦
    (I actually have a picture of it) i loved the pictures! And I want to pet a tarantula (sorry that was random 😄) and yes spiders are extremely cute! 😍

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