In loving memory of Ruby&Onyx the hamsters <3

You probably don’t know this, but before I owned Pearl I used to have two hamsters, Ruby and Onyx. They were sisters. Ruby was pale gray with a white stomach with pink eyes, mostly albino, and Onyx was a medium gray with a white stomach, or platinum (it took me forever to find out what the name of her color was.) Anyway, Onyx died November 11, aka Veterans day, 2015, and I believe Ruby died exactly a year before. They were wonderful little hamsters and I loved them very much.  Here are some pictures of them. ❤

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I know, these photos I have are not all that great. But those were the best I had of them. And you can tell that the one of Ruby and Onyx that the background is transparent, but it was the most original version of it I could find.

Now I will tell you more about Ruby and Onyx.

Ruby was originally my hamster, and Onyx was Skye’s. They used to live in the same cage until they started fighting.We got a second cage, and connected it to the first, hoping they would get along better if they had more space. Ruby and Onyx were still fighting. So we separated the hamsters, Ruby in the first cage, Onyx in the new cage.  They lived happily in their separate cages until Ruby died of unknown causes. This did not affect Onyx, though. I missed Ruby a lot, and I kinda took Onyx to be my hamster, since Skye is not really a hamster person.Not long after that, we moved. Onyx survived the move and lived with us in an apartment until our house was ready. (In case you are wondering, we had Sugar was there, too.)

Onyx lived approximately half a year after we moved into the house. Soon before she died, she had sticky eyes, an abscess, and she breathed hard. She was sick, but I didn’t want to believe she was going to die soon. There was nothing we could do about it. She lived a long life, for a hamster, almost two years. P.S: before Onyx died, we got Pearl, and another hamster named Violet. They helped me with the sadness of Onyx’s death. Violet died though. She might have had mental problems, but I’ll never know. I will make a post about her in March, though. 😦

~R.I.P~ Ruby and Onyx Fluff

*sighs* Ruby and Onyx were great hamsters. They were my first hamsters.

I hope this post turned out okay. And I hope Pearl lives a long life. ❤


Here’s a pic of Pearl that I wanted to post. I love Pearl.

That concludes this post. Have a great day! 🙂

(And love hamsters! 🙂 )



19 thoughts on “In loving memory of Ruby&Onyx the hamsters <3

  1. What a great post Rae! I’m so glad you have Pearl! I am sorry about Ruby and Onyx, but I guess that’s life. I miss Cherry ATON😞!! (And Skye if you’re reading I’m sorry about Violet as well). I hope Pearl lives a nice long life(for a hamster😉).
    Ps: I do 💙 Hamsters, but they 💙 me to much!😂

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