Introduction to Animal Jam: Part 3

Hi guys! Here I am, with Part 3 of Introduction to Animal Jam! *cheers*

OK, let’s get started!


If you want to buddy, trade, report, block and more, than you click on their name tag. In this case the nametag is silver.

*BONUS* Can you find part of my nametag in the background?


This is what a player’s profile card looks like once you’ve clicked on their nametag. Now, to list the buttons!

Blue tab with tiger, monkey and game control: Play games with that jammer (did I mention people who play Animal Jam are called Jammers? Sorry if I didn’t.)

Blue tab with two orange-ish arrows making a circle: Trade with the jammer

Blue button with tiger, monkey and a green plus sign: Buddy or unbuddy the jammer. (Once you’ve buddied the jammer it will show a tiger and a red X in case you want to unbuddy them.)

Button with a small house on it: Go to the jammer’s den. In this case, the button is gray because the jammer locked his or her den.

Blue button with a speech bubble and three colored lines: This is called the Jammer Wall. The Jammer Wall is where you can type things. It’s sort of like a place to chat. The limit is 70 letters per message. Sadly, the Jammer Wall is for members.

Envelope with blue paw print and green stamp: This is where you send ’emails’ to the jammer. On Animal Jam, you call them Jam-a-Grams.

Blue button with tiger that’s crossed out: That is how you block people. The first time I ever blocked someone was when this jammer kept sending me Jam-a-Grams that said something that annoyed me. So I blocked him (or her.)

Blue button with police badge: This is how you report people. One thing you should report is scamming. If you’re new to Animal Jam, and don’t know a lot about how not to get scammed, I recommend you readΒ this.

Small blue tab with butterfly: Look at this jammer’s pets.

Small blue tab with tiger: Look at this jammer’s animals.

Small blue tab with trophy: Look at this jammer’s achievements. To get achievements, you play games, FYI.

Small circle with the shadow of a tiger and an arrow: This is how you teleport to your buddies. If they are playing a game, you can’t teleport. This person isn’t my buddy, so the button is gray.


When you click on the games button to play with the jammer, you (obviously) click on the game you want to play. You will have to wait for the jammer to respond. If they aren’t responding, you can click the red X button.


Sorry this is a different jammer, I didn’t think of taking screenshots of trading until later!


When you want to trade, it will show their list of things they might trade.

*Raises hand*


“I know what you do! You click on the item you want to trade for!”

Yes, she’s right.


I chose the sandals. (I didn’t really trade for them.) And you already know what your supposed to do, so I won’t tell you.


You choose an item from your inventory that you want to trade. To choose the item, you click on it. The small house is for den items, the shirt is for clothing, and the butterfly is for pets.


When you think you traded enough stuff, click the done button. If you accidentally clicked on something you don’t want to trade, you click the blue X in the top right corner of the item.

That’s all for part 3!

Until next time…



I’m thinking of doing this photostory series. I wrote a little of it. I don’t know if I’m actually posting it though.

That’s all!

The super-hero blogger,


P.S: As you know, I’m not really a super-hero. I’m just trying to come up with different things to say before I use my signoff and I don’t want to say, “The amazing blogger, Skye.”



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