An American Girl Story- Melody 1963: Love has to win!

Aloha, Guys! Kiki here! The new Melody movie came out October 21, but I just watched it a couple days ago. So let’s get on to the review!

(This picture is not mine. Credit to whoever owns it).

First of all you can only watch it through Amazon prime, and second it was more about civil rights than I expected. That’s not bad or anything I just thought it would be about signing, and music.

The actress(Marsai Martin) looked the right age, but she wore glasses(as you can tell in the picture). She actually wore pigtails a lot, which I was surprised about. The movie is only 48 minutes long(My brother was upset about that :p).

Melody started out with hope for a better world, but suddenly she hears about some crisis happening to black people. Her mom is trying to protect her from the negativity, and gives her hope that the world will change. She also lives with her grandpa(on her Dad’s side) because her Dad died at war. Her Grandpa starts out hopeless, and upset that Melody is in a bubble. Melody ends up proving him wrong, and finds out that that the world can change it’s just a matter of time.  Melody was not a brat, whatsoever. This movie was not about friendship it was more about standing up for yourself, and having hope.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Tell me in the comments if you’ve seen the movie, or want to!   Until next time……………………………………..



51 thoughts on “An American Girl Story- Melody 1963: Love has to win!

  1. I’ll have to watch it sometime! That’s surprising usually most of the movies are almost 2 hours long. Yeah why didn’t they just find an actor that didn’t wear glasses? Or have the girl wear contacts? Weird. I still have a lot of AG movies to watch I’ve only watched 3. Saige, Chrissa, and Grace. (I don’t really remember Chrissa though.)
    P.S: Finally they make a doll and the year ends in a different number other than 4!

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