Rae and Randomness episode 1 (Camo Awesomeness)


Hey people! It is I, the one and only hamstermaniac12. Sorry, only I can be hamstermaniac12, so If you ever try copying me I will call the cops on you and have them drag you to prison >:D . Sorry ’bout that, I was kidding. But still, please don’t copy. Anyhow, this post is a new “series” of posts I have created. Basically, I post anything I wish to post and that includes photos, YouTube videos I like, short stories, and whatever else I wanna post. ;P  Enough with that, now It’s time for the real post.

Okay people, you may or may not know this, but I really love camo, or camouflage. Not hot pink camo… eww… you can’t even blend in with anything, except maybe a pink room.(I don’t mind the color pink or wearing it, but not pink camo. It’s just not awesome enough. And what’s the use of camo if it’s not… camo?) Also, here I am “camouflaging”. I am wearing  camouflage. You can obviously see me, my denim shorts and blue shoes are giving me away. And I was hiding behind the tree the camo did nothing but whatever 😀


Now for a weird fungus mold pollen fuzzball insect thingie Skye found.


I seriously have no idea what that is. It had legs… six of them I think…

Talk about camo though, he would really blend in with… lichen? Mold? If you know what he is, plz tell me in the comments. Thank you everyone who read this episode 2 coming soon! Also here are comments: LOL this is Skye XD I am on Rae’s computer she has left it on. BWHAHAHA! >:D XD XD XD XD Apparently Skye got on to my computer and typed that. And my brother thought I was Annabelle 😛


The crazy hamstermaniac,



27 thoughts on “Rae and Randomness episode 1 (Camo Awesomeness)

  1. Yeah I wasn’t trying to be prideful when I said that I was just being funny. Yeah I was being funny when I said that I you can’t see me. It’s okay if you don’t like camo we are all different. I will edit the post though and remove the thing when I said “my awesom self” I wasn’t thinking and I just say stuff like that to be funny. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Sometimes I’m afraid people will think badly of me because I am different 😲 I hope my post doesn’t seem rude or offensive or anything. I kinda wrote this post like the way I text Skye.

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