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We got more chickens!!!!They are Buckeye chickens. Apparently they are a rare breed! 🙂 We got four of  them. Two of them are molting, so if you see the picture of “No neck feathers” (sorry that’s a nickname I gave her XD ) and wonder what’s wrong with her, she’s just molting. Squeaker, one of the Buff Orpingtons, doesn’t like the Buckeyes. She goes up to them and pecks them in the behind. (Ouch!)

That concludes this post!

umm…. I can’t find my sign off

(Found it!)




Half up Heart-Loop

Hey Guys! Kiki here! How was your guy’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fine. Anyway, today I’m going to show you how to do this adorable hairstyle! Let’s get started!

What you are going to need: A Doll, a brush, and 2 hair ties.

img_4445-2Get two sections of hair in the front, and tie them off together with an hair tie.

img_4449Next, get two more sections near her ear.

img_4448And wrap it around. Repeat on the other side.

img_4447Now, you have the top of your heart.

img_4446Bring the sections together and tie if off with a ponytail holder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hairstyle. Tell me in the comments below if you love this style, and want to try it!

image Ps: I’m going to be moving next month.


Chapter 2 of my Unnamed Story + The Sunshine Blogger Award

(Part 1 if you haven’t read it yet.)

Hi guys! Here I am, lying down in my freshly cleaned room, writing my chapter, with a chocolate mint just waiting to be eaten. If I forget to put the pictures on, please excuse that. When I started blogging, I forgot to add categories and tags.

I wrote chapter 2 of this story before, but then it got lost because Rae restarted my computer. [:(. (Don’t worry sis I forgive you! 🙂 )

I present to you, Chapter 2!




I woke up, sweating, gasping for breath. It was only a dream.

Ever since I was 6 years old, I was into ninjas. I played ninja computer games, I watched TV shows about them, and most of all, pretended I was one.

Today was a weekend, so I didn’t have to go to school. I was glad of that. I had plans.

“Ha-zel!” my mom called.

“Be there in a minute!” I called back.008.JPG

I walked out of my room, into Mom’s bedroom.

“What is it, Mom?” I asked.

“I just wanted to tell you that I decided we would go to the park this morning,” she said.

“But Mom!” I whined.

“I know you want to play pretend ninja, but you need your fresh air. You’ve been spending too much time playing computer games.”

It was true. I had been spending lots of time playing the computer. But this time I wasn’t going to. But I had to obey my mom.


“Go get dressed,” Mom ordered.

I started toward my room.

“Remember to brush your hair!” she called as I was about to shut my door.

I sighed. This was going to be a long day, at the place I disliked the most.


Sorry for no cliffhanger to keep you on the edge of your seats. 😦

So, was that unexpected? I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to think up a next chapter. But then I came up with a wonderful idea. She was only dreaming. I hope you liked my idea. 🙂  (It’s all right if you don’t I’m still not the greatest writer.)

Sorry about the photos that don’t look to good. It was a little dark in my room and my night mode doesn’t work that well.



Now for the Sunshine Blogger Award!


Chance from Lego Lane nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

                           THE RULES!

1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions


  1. What’s your favorite car?

My favorite car is an Avalanche. I think that’s what it’s called.

2. What is your favorite girl of the year?

*Looks on the AG website archives* Sonali, Lanie, Kanani, and Saige. 🙂

3. What’s your Lego theme?

Like, do you mean as in like Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars, etc…

Because if you mean that, it’s probably Lego Friends and Lego City.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I have no idea. Maybe I’ll build houses. 😀 NOTHING that has to do with being a doctor or surgeon.

5. What’s your favorite drink?

Strawberry Zevia (a kind of sugar-free soda) and water.

6. Ketchup or Mustard?

Ketchup. 🙂

7. What’s your favorite season?

Summer (so I can play in the pool!) and spring.

8. Cats or Dogs?


9. Would you rather be super popular and mean or not popular and nice?

Number 2, thank you very much.

10. Blue or Red?




American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls in a Big World

Sara from Embracing the Moment

Sorry, but I’m running out of people to nominate! Ahh!


Yay, the good part!

  1. Have you ever read Anne of Green Gables?
  2. What’s your favorite season? (Question stolen from Chance.)
  3. Do you like Josefina?
  4. Computers or IPhones?
  5. Do you like reading?
  6. Are you homeschooled?
  7. When was the last time you got sick?
  8. Has one of your ideas ever been copied? (In the blogging world.)
  9. Have you eaten seaweed?
  10. What was your favorite question I asked you in this award?

Thanks for nominating me Chance!

I was in the middle of working on the photostory and after I took one of my pictures I turned on the computer again and I saw that I had a notification. I looked at it and Chance said that I had been nominated.

Yes, I like explaining things.

The doll loving blogger…


P.S: My signoff is huge! (Have I said that before?)


More Spiders & Weird bugs-This is for you Rae!

Hey Guys! Kiki here! I know how much you guys(especially Rae) love spiders! So, I thought I’ll have to make post abut them, and don’t forget that spiders are extremely CUTE! Anyway I hope you enjoy this post!

img_4274Here’s the first one! I found this one in the back of my Dad’s pickup truck. It is an Orchard Orbweaver or Leucauge venusta. Aren’t fluorescent’s(That what I named her 😉 )  colors beautiful?

img_4261This is a interesting Dead UGLY Cicada. Cicada in Latin means “Tree cricket”.

img_4263As you can see some of the left wing is broken.

img_4262Here is the back side. Sorry, it’s blurry I was in a rush.

img_4267This is just a random snail shell I found in my backyard!

img_4273So I was at DSW and I saw this spider in one of the shoes, and had to take a pic! 😀


img_4264Here’s a common Grass spider or Funnel weaver.


img_4269Next up is a Wheel bug or Arilus cristatus.

img_4271img_4270img_4268I think this one is a Spotted orb weaver, but I’m not 100 percent sure 😉

Well this is the end, So it’s time to say good bye till next week 😉

Hasta Luego!


Ps: What was your favorite bug/spider that I took a picture of?




Please Read

Hello guys! It is I, the cheerful blogger, Skye! Before we start the post, I have something not so cheerful to say. Somehow, that photostory that I wrote disappeared off of my laptop. I am pretty disappointed. I worked hard (OK, maybe not that hard) on that story. 😦

I’m so heartbroken that I might never write again.

Please scroll down for the post.



















SURPRISE!! Did I get you? No, I probably didn’t, because the tag said “SURPRISE!!!” 😛

I was kidding when I said I was heartbroken.

In fact, I’m not very sad at all.

In fact, I’m writing Chapter 1 of my new story right now!!!

You wanna see it?!

You do?

Then read on!!






“Get him!” cried a soldier. I was being chased.

Five years ago, my life changed forever. There was an attack on Hazelburgh, my hometown. I escaped, but the rest of the town was captured and taken prisoner. I met a ninja teacher, named Sensei Lin, who taught me ninja skills.

Collage for PS.jpg

Now, I was caught trying to help a Hazelian escape prison, (a citizen of Hazelburgh) so they tried to capture me. They weren’t sure if I was a girl or a boy, because of my ninja mask, so they just called me ‘he’. (I am actually a girl, named Hazel, after the town.)


The soldier who had said, “Get him!” was catching up. He pulled my flowing ninja robe.


I turned, and smacked him in the face.


He crashed to the ground, unconscious.



I scampered up a tree.

I sat up in the tree for hours, waiting for the soldier to wake up and leave.

After what seemed like ages, he finally got up. He must have remembered that he was chasing someone, because he said, “Where is that ninja?”

He walked around the tree, searching for me. His head darted from side to side, eyes searching for me.

He finally looked up. “Get down or I’ll get you by force!” he demanded.

I gasped. I had been spotted!



I hope I can think up Chapter 2…

Because I usually abandon stories.

And it would be devastating to my readers if I didn’t finish.

They would forever be left in suspense.


Sorry for the short chapter. If you’re wondering how I did the ninja outfit, I will tell you after I finish my photostory. I will do a behind the scenes, where you can find out how I did some of the cool stuff in the pictures. Sorry I don’t have a title yet. It takes time for me to think up names for stories.

The kitten lover,


P.S: Don’t you love kittens?!dscn9192

Aren’t she so cute?! ❤

(You have to say yes ;D )


Look! It’s Shark vs (plastic) shark! XD Looks like the cat is winning! XD XD XD

Maybe I shouldn’t be done with this post. After all, I’m posting too much stuff after I said the post was over.

I guess I will leave.

The kitten lover,


What is it, Self?

You need to tell the people what you did this morning!

I don’t follow.

Remember? The de-

Yes, yes, I remember. Thanks, Self!

No problem!


So, this morning, I went to the dentist. I had 4 teeth pulled. It wasn’t very fun. It actually hurt a little.

That’s all I wanted to tell you. Thanks for reading. 😀 🙂

The kitten loving blogger,






I don’t know what the title should be so if you have any ideas please comment them.

I would appreciate it. 😀


In loving memory of Ruby&Onyx the hamsters <3

You probably don’t know this, but before I owned Pearl I used to have two hamsters, Ruby and Onyx. They were sisters. Ruby was pale gray with a white stomach with pink eyes, mostly albino, and Onyx was a medium gray with a white stomach, or platinum (it took me forever to find out what the name of her color was.) Anyway, Onyx died November 11, aka Veterans day, 2015, and I believe Ruby died exactly a year before. They were wonderful little hamsters and I loved them very much.  Here are some pictures of them. ❤

I know, these photos I have are not all that great. But those were the best I had of them. And you can tell that the one of Ruby and Onyx that the background is transparent, but it was the most original version of it I could find.

Now I will tell you more about Ruby and Onyx.

Ruby was originally my hamster, and Onyx was Skye's. They used to live in the same cage until they started fighting.We got a second cage, and connected it to the first, hoping they would get along better if they had more space. Ruby and Onyx were still fighting. So we separated the hamsters, Ruby in the first cage, Onyx in the new cage.  They lived happily in their separate cages until Ruby died of unknown causes. This did not affect Onyx, though. I missed Ruby a lot, and I kinda took Onyx to be my hamster, since Skye is not really a hamster person.Not long after that, we moved. Onyx survived the move and lived with us in an apartment until our house was ready. (In case you are wondering, we had Sugar was there, too.)

Onyx lived approximately half a year after we moved into the house. Soon before she died, she had sticky eyes, an abscess, and she breathed hard. She was sick, but I didn't want to believe she was going to die soon. There was nothing we could do about it. She lived a long life, for a hamster, almost two years. P.S: before Onyx died, we got Pearl, and another hamster named Violet. They helped me with the sadness of Onyx's death. Violet died though.:(

~R.I.P~ Ruby and Onyx Fluff

*sighs* Ruby and Onyx were great hamsters. They were my first hamsters.

I hope this post turned out okay. And I hope Pearl lives a long life. ❤


Here’s a pic of Pearl that I wanted to post. I love Pearl.

That concludes this post. Have a great day! 🙂

(And love hamsters! 🙂 )


Puppy & Leaves-Photoshoot + inspiration quotes!

Hey, Guys! Kiki here! Two days ago I did a photoshoot of my dog Lily! I haven’t taken one with her in a long time. These photos scream fall and cuteness! I also edited some of the photos, and made inspiration quotes! I hope you enjoy!

img_4157img_4153img_4156AWWWW!! Her eyes! The leaf on her head! It’s just to much!


img_4158Look at that face! And I ❤ how the leaves are falling!

img_4160This is the end ;(  Which one was your personal favorite? I liked 1. 3. 6. 7 Now we are onto inspirational quotes!

img_4162                                                Ugh. It came out small, and blurry. Sorry, Guys. But the quote is so true!

img_4152Weird this one is big, and clear! I ❤ the quote with the cloud!

img_4166Ok it’s a tie! But I love this one a tad bit more! Which one is your favorite? I hope you liked looking at a cut pup with leaves, and read/looking at the quotes! Until next time!

Your nature/animal/autumn lover ………………………………………………………………..