Bad/Good news, and how to do a Back + Front walkovers!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! Like the post title says I have bad/good news. I sprained my ankle(I know you’re wondering and where’s the good? I’m getting to that😉). On Friday afternoon I was doing a back walkover on uneven ground(never attempt that😵) and I landed super hard on my right ankle. It hurt for a couple minutes, and then was ok. Well Saturday night I tried a front walkover on uneven ground(I always test the boundaries😋) and landed hard on my right foot again. My foot was worse(it hurt to walk), so I put ice on it for 15 minutes, and it was way better! It barley hurts now! I’m telling you never do stunts on uneven ground! I could of broke my ankle!  

Tutorial Time: A front walkover is a handstand that goes into a bridge. How to do it: I like to stand with my right foot pointed out, and my hands up next to my ears. Then I’ll go into a handstand, and slowly go into a bridge. Remember this skill takes strength, and flexibility. Don’t attempt this skill if you can’t hold a handstand, do a bridge/back bend, and are not to flexible in your shoulders, and back. 

Tutorial time: A back walkover is a back bend, and then you kick your legs over. How to: I still can’t exactly do it on my own so I’ll have help from a wall🙂. So what I do is do a backbend then put my feet on the wall, and kick over. Remember this skill requires tremendous back flexibility, and arm strength. Don’t attempt this skill if can’t do a backbend or bridge, hold a handstand, and are not flexible in your lower back, and don’t have strong arms. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Comment down below if you’re going to miss Rae&Skye! BBBBYYYEE!


14 thoughts on “Bad/Good news, and how to do a Back + Front walkovers!

  1. I’m so sorry your sprained your ankle! OUCH! Praying it recovers quickly!
    And thank you SO much for posting this! It has always been my dream to do front and back walkovers. Than you for this tutorial!! Would you happen to have any advice on how to hold a handstand? I can do a backbend, and I’m flexible-ish, and I can go into a handstand – but cannot hold it for long at all. Literally. I go up and come right back down. 😛 Do you have any tips?


    • Thank you! It’s pretty much all better now! You’re welcome! Yes mine too! Umm I tried to do a handstand/ Front walkover for at least an hour and a half! The best position(that I like to do for handstands) is point out your good foot and you arms up high(and straight) near your ears. Then I’ll wait till I feel ready, and go down, and kickoff(powerful but not to) with the foot I pointed out. I’ll try my hardest to stay balanced. Then when I’m ready(this is optional) I go into a bridge. Can you not hold on cause your arms aren’t strong enough or are you nervous? Oh yes before you do a handstand warm up into a bridge and stretch you wrists. Also roll your shoulders. I used to think it wouldn’t help but it makes a huge improvement! Also practice! I’m telling you when I practiced for over an hour my arms sore and so much stronger! I was also sore in my leg from kicking off. I hoped I helped! If you want to know more I’m just a comment away!

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      • Yay, I’m so glad it’s better!! 😀
        I’m not sure why I have trouble holding handstands. I can go into it, but then I come right back down. I’m going to really try holding it. LOL. 😛 It might be because I’m nervous – I’m always afraid of breaking my neck. 😛 Thank you so much for the tips! The warmups sound awesome. I’ll totally try this and let you know if I need any more tips. Thank you SO much again!! 😀

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      • Me too! I used to have the same problem(I was just nervous) but then I thought what is the worst that could happen I’ll fall or break something(I didn’t really think about the second one😋) You’re welcome! They are and they really work and they help prevent injuries😉 Ok sounds good! You’re totally welcome!
        Ps:When your in the position make sure you are completely ready to go into a handstand if you rush yourself you’ll find yourself on the ground.

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