FYI + Some Jumping Spiders

Hey there people! Skye and me will be taking a break from blogging for a week or two, just so you don’t wonder, “Where the heck are they!?!” We are going to be gone for Sukkot, like Kiki said here, except we won’t be able to post 😦 . We are actually camping in OK also, but not at the same place so we won’t be able to see each other :(. And I’m going to miss Pearl and Sugar and the cats and even those crazy chickens soooooo much 😦 😦 ! Aaaaand…. I have some jumping spider pics I have been wanting to show you for awhile >:D (If you have arachnophobia, you might want to skip this page 😉 )


This is a female tan jumping spider (platycryptus undatus)


This is a male tan jumping spider (platycryptus undatus)


A female mustache jumping spider (phidippus mystaceus) (mystaceus literally means mustache XD ) Oh BTW, I named her Moustache 😉 Isn’t she so pretty?!!?


And here is a picture of a female daring jumping spider (phidippus audax)

I hope this post makes sense and that you enjoyed it! And plz don’t take these photos without permission!



4 thoughts on “FYI + Some Jumping Spiders

  1. BYYEEE!!!! I’m going to miss you! Btw, How did you put the web address on the pictures? Is it with a photo app? Nice spiders post! They are really cute! 😉

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