Au Revoir… + How Mari Thyme Turned Invisible

Hi guys! As you have seen in Rae’s last post, we will be gone for Sukkot. I will miss blogging but we will post when we get back! 😀 (Have you noticed I use that emote a lot? It’s one of my favorites.) I think that I will try my hand at writing a short story. Yes, I know, I don’t have any natural talent for writing stories, but I’m going to try. I present to you, How Mari Thyme Turned Invisible.

Mari Thyme walked through the humid rainforest. Monkeys swung on branches overhead, plucking bananas off of trees. Mari lived in a hut in the forest with her grandmother. Her grandmother believed that children should get plenty of fresh air, so Mari went outside often. Today, Mari had gone farther than she had ever gone. She had teased the monkeys, climbed trees, and eaten the fruit from the exotic rainforest trees. Now she realized the sun was setting, so she hurried to her home. But, she realized she did not know the way home! “Grandmother! Grandmother!” she called. But no one could hear her. She decided that she would sleep in the forest for the night. Mari gathered fallen branches to make a small shelter. She picked leaves off of the trees for the roof. She tried to make a fire, but the wood was wet from a thunderstorm that had happened the previous day. “What shall I have for supper?” she thought aloud. “What’s wrong, little one?” asked a voice. “Who said that?” asked Mari, frightened. “It’s just me,” said the voice. “A monkey.” “I didn’t know that monkeys talked,” Mari said. “For heaven’s sake, we talk all the time,” the monkey said, sounding annoyed. “Now, what where you saying?” “I was asking myself what I should eat,” said Mari. “You need not fear. I have plenty of food for you in my home. Come, come.” Mari followed the monkey. It was difficult to follow the monkey, because the monkey was quick on his feet. Finally, they made their way to a dark cave. Mari thought, I thought monkeys lived in trees. Mari decided not to ask the monkey, remembering that the monkey was annoyed earlier when she asked a question like that. “This is my home,” the monkey said. The monkey took her hand and led her inside. They sat down in front of a warm fire. “Here, these nuts are delicious. Take one,” said the monkey. Mari savored the nut’s nutty flavor. “This is good,” Mari said. “Where did you get them?” The monkey did not answer. “Well, ’tis about time you go home,” said the monkey. “But I don’t know where home is,” Mari said. “I know where you live,” said the monkey. “Follow me.” The monkey climbed the top of the cave. There was Mari’s hut, right behind the cave! “Oh, thank you!” exclaimed Mari. But the monkey was gone. Mari walked into her hut and called, “Grandmother! I’m home!” “Oh, thank heavens you came back!” exclaimed Grandmother. Grandmother walked out of her room. “Where are you, child?” asked Grandmother. “I’m in here,” said Mari. “But I don’t see you,” said Grandmother. “Is this some sort of trick?” “No, Grandmother, I’m here!” Mari said, starting to cry. “I don’t believe it’s you, unless you turned invisible,” said Grandmother.

I hope you enjoyed my story I wrote!

Bye for now,



5 thoughts on “Au Revoir… + How Mari Thyme Turned Invisible

  1. Not bad!🙂 Do you leave tomorrow? I have some bad news I sprained my ankle. It’s minor I can still walk I just can’t bend it. 😭 I’ll have to make a post about it and explain all the details.

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