What My Dolls are Doing Today

Hola! No habla espanio? Si? OK, enough with the Spanish, Josefina. Sorry about that. Josefina just wanted to show off her amazing Spanish skills. So, anyway, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh, sorry, I never told you who this is. Ahem. This is Skye. Today, I will be showing you what my dolls are doing today, and the doll bedroom! Let’s get started!


This is the doll bedroom! I know, I know, it’s tiny. But it’s pretty cozy! 😀


Here’s the couch! It’s actually a white container covered in fabric.


Top view. Yep, I took this picture at the end of my bed!090.JPGFrom the floor view. Doesn’t this picture look cool?


Now here’s the dolls inside the room! What are they doing?


Mary’s nose is stuck in Meet Caroline.


Sara is throwing a ball to to her brother.


The girls’ brother, determined to catch the ball. He doesn’t have a name yet! 😮


Mini Caroline has fallen off of Jaguar’s back. (Jaguar is the dog.)


Josefina is crying over her frizzy, tangled hair, while holding a doll.


Here’s the top view of them!

So, that’s ’bout it!

Bonus: Have any names for the boy doll? If so, please comment them.but you don’t have to it’s optional. 😉

Sign off,



12 thoughts on “What My Dolls are Doing Today

  1. Hola, Josie! Si Hablas español! Hmm names: Jared, Warden, Lawson, Trace, Jackson, Kaleb, Adam, James, John, and David. Nice post!
    Ps: Josie I’ll help you with writing in Spanish!(I hope you don’t mind, I’m just learning Spanish) Here’s the right way: ¿Tú no hablas español?

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