Bald Eagles!

Hey there! It is I, Rae the hamster maniac here! You’ll never guess what I saw yesterday! (Okay, okay, the title clearly gives that away, doesn’t it 😛 ) I saw a bald eagle! (Two, actually!)  It was soaring over my house, and then it landed in a tree in the woods not too far away, and there was another one!  I got pictures, and of course I’m going to show you some! They are edited, though, so they look better. It was not easy getting good pictures of them, since they were across the street, but I managed to get some (slightly) good pictures. I hope you enjoy! (Even though there are only four photos :/ )

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Aren’t they awesome? Yahweh (God) created awesome creatures, didn’t He? 🙂 That’s it for now!


P.S please don’t take our photos without permission!


10 thoughts on “Bald Eagles!

  1. Amazing pictures! I’ve seen them once another time but it wasn’t as cool as yesterday! Oh man I might have to use one of your pictures for my profile pic! That was pretty much the coolest bird I’ve ever seen!

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