Doll name list!

What’s up, Guys? Kiki here! Have you ever gotten a doll, but don’t know what to name her? It happens to me ALL the time. But fear not because I will give a list of magnificent names! I’ll give 4 names for each letter in the alphabet. Let’s begin!

1. Ava.

2. Abrielle.

3. Abilene (it means city in Tx)

4. Allison

5. Bailey

6. Brooklyn


8. Bella.


10. Charlotte.



13. Dorothy .


15. Delaney.

16. Danielle.












28.Giulia(its pronunced like Julia).









37. Jada.












49. Maisey.



52. Megan.









61. Paisley.

62. Penelope

63. Peyton


65. Quinn


67. Robin.

68. Ruby.

69. Riley.


71. Stella.

72. Sabrina.










82. Willow




86. Xena.

87. Zoey.


89. Zinnia.

I hope this list is helpful! Tell me in the comments what your favorite names are from this list! Until next time!


Introduction to Animal Jam: Part 2

Hello, guys! Sorry I have been putting off part 2. I just really didn’t want to do it. But I knew I had to so yesterday, I worked on part 2 and 3 and some of part 4. Also, as you can see, we have changed our theme. How do ya like it?


I am sorry I didn’t tell you in the last part, but once every day, you can do a daily spin. The numbers are for the gems (the replacement of coins), the diamonds are just diamonds, and they even have a whole shop in Animal Jam dedicated to diamond items. The present box is a rare gift, which you don’t usually get. Usually, the items are member. Once, my cousin got three rare items in the spin, but they were all member. Since when I took the screenshots was my third day in a row to log on, when I spun, it tripled the amount of gems I received.


(Screenshot taken from The Daily Explorer
You know when I said I would tell you how to get a rare item? I bet you do. 🙂 Well, every Monday, they have a rare item. This is one of them. Usually, they are member. 😦 Once they went for like three months before they made a non-member rare.


Now, moving on, how to decorate your den! First, you click on the purple button that has a table on it. (Not the purple question mark!)


It will then show this. Click the blue arrows to scroll through your items. (I have a lot of items, don’t I? :D) Also, those tabs on the left side of the bar categorize your den items. The tabs on the right are for recycling (deleting) your items, switching or buying a new den, or buying more den items.


When you chose the item you want to put in your den, click on it. The item I chose is behind my wolf XD


To move the item, you click and hold the item and move it to the desired place. When you want to take the item out, you either click on the item in the bar on the bottom of the screen, or you make your cursor hover over the item and click the blue X. If you want to turn the item around, you click the orange arrow, which is right below the blue X.

So that’s about all of Part 2! I hope you enjoyed this part better than last time!
Your Jammer blogger…



I ❤ this signoff.

Hey there!

Hey people, I’m back! I have pictures from the trip and things to tell you but I will do that later because I really needed to post and it takes forever to upload all those pics and tell you everything. So, yeah. Buuuuuut… I do have a little surprise for ya!












Dibidi ba didi dou dou Di ba didi dou Didi didldildidldidl houdihoudi dey dou…

Do you know what those lyrics are from? HAMPSTERDANCE! You have to listen to it! (Don’t worry, It’s not bad, I would not watch or listen to anything inappropriate!) I just love hamsters, so naturally, I would like Hampsterdance.  The video, it’s hilarious! And the lyrics are catchy.

Dibidi ba didi dou dou Di ba didi dou Didi didldildidldidl houdihoudi dey dou….. Ahem. That concludes this post, I will try to make the post about Sukkot soon! (Lyrics from google play music) P.S: I’ve had Pearl for a year now! So in honor of this occasion, you shall listen to hampsterdance for the rest of the day (just kidding you don’t have to!) Happy one year of owning you anniversary, Pearl! 🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹💙💙💙💙💙😍😍

The crazy hamstermaniac,





Day 2-Pictures of my trip!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! Who’s ready to see Day 2!?! *raises hand* Ok, let’s get started! With a Playground photoshoot!

Chrissa had tons of fun on the slide!😄
Saige is showing off how strong she is!😂
Meritt is just chillin’

I’m just going to say I 💙 this last picture of Carley😍
Lily wanted to go down the slide too! Correction I forced her so I could take cute pictures 😂
We also had a CAMPFIRE!! That’s all I did on day 2! Until next time!😉.



Bad/Good news, and how to do a Back + Front walkovers!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki! Like the post title says I have bad/good news. I sprained my ankle(I know you’re wondering and where’s the good? I’m getting to that😉). On Friday afternoon I was doing a back walkover on uneven ground(never attempt that😵) and I landed super hard on my right ankle. It hurt for a couple minutes, and then was ok. Well Saturday night I tried a front walkover on uneven ground(I always test the boundaries😋) and landed hard on my right foot again. My foot was worse(it hurt to walk), so I put ice on it for 15 minutes, and it was way better! It barley hurts now! I’m telling you never do stunts on uneven ground! I could of broke my ankle!  

Tutorial Time: A front walkover is a handstand that goes into a bridge. How to do it: I like to stand with my right foot pointed out, and my hands up next to my ears. Then I’ll go into a handstand, and slowly go into a bridge. Remember this skill takes strength, and flexibility. Don’t attempt this skill if you can’t hold a handstand, do a bridge/back bend, and are not to flexible in your shoulders, and back. 

Tutorial time: A back walkover is a back bend, and then you kick your legs over. How to: I still can’t exactly do it on my own so I’ll have help from a wall🙂. So what I do is do a backbend then put my feet on the wall, and kick over. Remember this skill requires tremendous back flexibility, and arm strength. Don’t attempt this skill if can’t do a backbend or bridge, hold a handstand, and are not flexible in your lower back, and don’t have strong arms. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Comment down below if you’re going to miss Rae&Skye! BBBBYYYEE!


Au Revoir… + How Mari Thyme Turned Invisible

Hi guys! As you have seen in Rae’s last post, we will be gone for Sukkot. I will miss blogging but we will post when we get back! 😀 (Have you noticed I use that emote a lot? It’s one of my favorites.) I think that I will try my hand at writing a short story. Yes, I know, I don’t have any natural talent for writing stories, but I’m going to try. I present to you, How Mari Thyme Turned Invisible.

Mari Thyme walked through the humid rainforest. Monkeys swung on branches overhead, plucking bananas off of trees. Mari lived in a hut in the forest with her grandmother. Her grandmother believed that children should get plenty of fresh air, so Mari went outside often. Today, Mari had gone farther than she had ever gone. She had teased the monkeys, climbed trees, and eaten the fruit from the exotic rainforest trees. Now she realized the sun was setting, so she hurried to her home. But, she realized she did not know the way home! “Grandmother! Grandmother!” she called. But no one could hear her. She decided that she would sleep in the forest for the night. Mari gathered fallen branches to make a small shelter. She picked leaves off of the trees for the roof. She tried to make a fire, but the wood was wet from a thunderstorm that had happened the previous day. “What shall I have for supper?” she thought aloud. “What’s wrong, little one?” asked a voice. “Who said that?” asked Mari, frightened. “It’s just me,” said the voice. “A monkey.” “I didn’t know that monkeys talked,” Mari said. “For heaven’s sake, we talk all the time,” the monkey said, sounding annoyed. “Now, what where you saying?” “I was asking myself what I should eat,” said Mari. “You need not fear. I have plenty of food for you in my home. Come, come.” Mari followed the monkey. It was difficult to follow the monkey, because the monkey was quick on his feet. Finally, they made their way to a dark cave. Mari thought, I thought monkeys lived in trees. Mari decided not to ask the monkey, remembering that the monkey was annoyed earlier when she asked a question like that. “This is my home,” the monkey said. The monkey took her hand and led her inside. They sat down in front of a warm fire. “Here, these nuts are delicious. Take one,” said the monkey. Mari savored the nut’s nutty flavor. “This is good,” Mari said. “Where did you get them?” The monkey did not answer. “Well, ’tis about time you go home,” said the monkey. “But I don’t know where home is,” Mari said. “I know where you live,” said the monkey. “Follow me.” The monkey climbed the top of the cave. There was Mari’s hut, right behind the cave! “Oh, thank you!” exclaimed Mari. But the monkey was gone. Mari walked into her hut and called, “Grandmother! I’m home!” “Oh, thank heavens you came back!” exclaimed Grandmother. Grandmother walked out of her room. “Where are you, child?” asked Grandmother. “I’m in here,” said Mari. “But I don’t see you,” said Grandmother. “Is this some sort of trick?” “No, Grandmother, I’m here!” Mari said, starting to cry. “I don’t believe it’s you, unless you turned invisible,” said Grandmother.

I hope you enjoyed my story I wrote!

Bye for now,



FYI + Some Jumping Spiders

Hey there people! Skye and me will be taking a break from blogging for a week or two, just so you don’t wonder, “Where the heck are they!?!” We are going to be gone for Sukkot, like Kiki said here, except we won’t be able to post 😦 . We are actually camping in OK also, but not at the same place so we won’t be able to see each other :(. And I’m going to miss Pearl and Sugar and the cats and even those crazy chickens soooooo much 😦 😦 ! Aaaaand…. I have some jumping spider pics I have been wanting to show you for awhile >:D (If you have arachnophobia, you might want to skip this page 😉 )


This is a female tan jumping spider (platycryptus undatus)


This is a male tan jumping spider (platycryptus undatus)


A female mustache jumping spider (phidippus mystaceus) (mystaceus literally means mustache XD ) Oh BTW, I named her Moustache 😉 Isn’t she so pretty?!!?


And here is a picture of a female daring jumping spider (phidippus audax)

I hope this post makes sense and that you enjoyed it! And plz don’t take these photos without permission!